10 Best Tool Kits for Car

Car enthusiasts know for sure that their cars should have everything they need. If you have heard jokes about women’s bags and the fact that they can contain even a rescue kit – you can similarly think about the trunk of the car.

You never know what can happen to you on the road, how far you will be from a car service station and other nuances. Consider that in addition to the first aid kit in the trunk of the car should also be a set of the most necessary and universal tools.

Buying tools individually is too expensive and difficult. There will also be a problem: how can you carry them? After all, all tools have their own size and you cannot put them in one bag.

In such cases, it is best to use a complete set of ready-made tools that are packed immediately. You do not need to buy professional sets of mechanics – after all, you will not make serious repairs with your own hands without proper skills. So, what should be inside such a lifesaving suitcase?

Carob keys. The heads are not always convenient to use separately. To avoid trouble, it is best to have them.

Screwdrivers. We do not think there are too many explanations – a screwdriver is such a versatile tool. You can use it not only in the car but also in household repairs.

End heads. Car drivers need to know that without them you cannot do part of the car repair.

Scissors. No, we are not talking about office scissors! Note that the blades must be solid and strong enough – so you can cut both heavy rope and wires.

A hex key. Small parts and small bolts are the easiest way to tighten and unscrew with a hexagon. This is an indispensable tool – however, it is worth buying several sizes at once.

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It is also recommended that you pay attention to the following factors:

The quality of the metal.

All tools will be subjected to sufficiently heavy loads that not every material can withstand. The metal from which the tools in the set are made must be strong. For example, in the case of adjustable wrenches, edges must not be deformed during operation.


The name of the manufacturer does not always play a role in product quality, but it is still worth learning more about him. Manufacturers who are involved in cars and repairs are more serious about tool selection.


Determine which tools you need right away. We have already explained a little bit more about kitting above.

Rugged case.

We think it is not worth explaining. If the tool case is too sticky, it will be difficult to transport it. In addition, the models made of thin plastic will quickly fail and you will have to move the whole set from the special case to another place.

Convenient for work handles.

Every tool must be comfortable to use – for example, screwdrivers must have non-slip handles – otherwise, you risk getting hurt while working.

Our Top Pick
cartman orangeCARTMAN Orange
  • Best budget
  • Protection of chromium against corrosion
  • Each instrument has its place in the suitcase
Check price on Amazon

Other great tool kits

dewalt dwmt73801


Handy set with multiple nozzle sizes.

Check price on Amazon
stanley stmt71653

Stanley STMT71653

Strong retention of each tool and part inside the case.

Check price on Amazon
craftsman cmmt12021


Bright set at a low price.

Check price on Amazon
workpro w009037a


Huge set of all necessary tools in a fabric case.

Check price on Amazon


Extra long handle on the case for easy carrying.

Check price on Amazon


Sturdy case with metal clasps and a set of important tools.

Check price on Amazon


High quality tools for everyday work and unique repairs.

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crescent ctk170cmp2

Crescent CTK170CMP2

Folding case for fans to use many different tools.

Check price on Amazon

AmazonBasics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit

Excellent set for mechanics from AmazonBasics.

Check price on Amazon


dewalt dwmt73801

DEWALT is a well-known company that is trusted by professionals. They produce many power tools as well as other equipment for repair and dismantling parts. The company has established itself as a manufacturer of quality tools, which is why people are happy to buy their products.

DEWALT DWMT73801 is no exception and you buy a good product made of quality materials. Strong steel was used for making the tools, and the tools are rigid and not subject to deformation.

The set comes immediately with a good quality case, which is easy to store. Of course, such a number of tools weigh quite a lot, so each time you move the set you will get a small workout for your muscles.

The set contains 168 different attachments, tools and devices that you can use at any time for your car. Of course, the price is a bit high even for such a set – but DEWALT puts high prices on its entire range.

However, you can find almost everything in it. It is also possible to put something inside the case additionally if you already have some tools you need.

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2) Stanley STMT71653

stanley stmt71653

Stanley is another company with a big name, which is a direct competitor for all popular tool manufacturers. They also produce a variety of tools – from drills to these car kits.

Stanley STMT71653 consists of more than 140 items of tools and attachments, which are useful in the repair of the car and small repairs around the house and in the garage. The set, of course, has a sturdy pouch for transporting and storing the whole set.

Each tool is made of quality steel and has a polished chrome finish. Such production does not allow the tools to be subject to corrosion in the future. In the complete set, there are both adjustable wrenches and two sets of hexagons and a set of nozzles to work with wheels.

To ensure that all these small parts do not fall out of the case, every time you need to make sure that, you close the case tightly enough. Each of the tools has its own recess and slot that holds it perfectly. Do not think that you will not use the set – each component will find its application in the repair.


craftsman cmmt12021

The bright suitcase will immediately attract your attention in the car. You will by no means lose it even among the many items in the trunk (although it is hard enough not to notice such a large suitcase).

Like many other kits, the CRAFTSMAN CMMT12021 is fully chrome plated against corrosion and other damage. The sturdy case holds all tools inside, keeping them from leaving their slot and crumbling all over the surface.

The CRAFTSMAN CMMT12021 is one of the cheapest universal kits you can find. For everyday use, it is the best choice, although you may not use some of the items too often.

The tools are robust enough and the threads do not rub off even with heavy use. By the way, if you buy CRAFTSMAN CMMT12021 as a gift for relatives – for example, your father or grandfather – large size designations are also a plus. There are also special markings inside to help you navigate the position of all tools.

4) WORKPRO W009037A

workpro w009037a

If you are looking for a kit not only for your car but also for a universal kit for standard repairs, then WORKPRO W009037A is a good purchase. It comes with a set of 322 tools that you can use in various situations.

Of course, part of this number are nozzles of different sizes, which you need to attach to the main tool. All of them are made of chrome vanadium steel, and for greater strength and stability, heat treatment and hardening were used.

Inside your suitcase, you can find a hammer, a tape measure, screwdrivers in various sizes, hexagonal wrenches and much more. If you are looking for a versatile set, then in this case you will find what you are looking for.

WORKPRO W009037A has passed all possible certifications and meets quality standards. For convenient storage, there is also a special bag made of quality fabric. It has pockets and sectors for tools and parts – you can even pack your existing ones.

This storage system makes it a bit more difficult to find the right tool, but you can still organize the storage at your discretion. WORKPRO W009037A is good in terms of the composition of tools, but a storage bag is not the best solution.



It is always unpleasant to be disappointed in the product you receive, and you can avoid it by simply carefully choosing a set. STEELHEAD is a set of tools for the car that fully corresponds to the description provided.

If you want to be sure that the purchased set will serve you for a long time, the company guarantees you more than 10 years of operation. For this service life, a special black oxide coating and additional heat treatment are used.

The case has sockets for each of the tools that hold them tightly and firmly in place. There is a foam insert inside, which prevents friction between the tools themselves. Tools such as wrenches are also covered with a small amount of grease.

STEELHEAD has a lifetime warranty on its tools, so if they fail, you will even receive compensation. To ensure that you have everything you need at hand for critical work the manufacturer has included many sizes of the same tools in the kit.

It is also worth noting the metal clasps on the case – they are what make the case more convenient and durable.



168 different parts, nozzles and tools – this is what the DEKOPRO kit is all about. They are all forged from high-quality steel and coated with chrome, which increases their strength and service life. Inside the set, you will find the tools that are most commonly found in DIY or repair work.

The set includes a hammer, several types of pliers and wrenches, as well as many other items. For those people who need more than 168 tools and are looking for more, the company has made a set of almost 200 necessary items.

If you are used to lightweight plastic toolboxes, DEKOPRO will surprise you. Their case is heavy enough and the tools inside only add weight. After buying such a set of many items you will no longer need to buy something new – after all, everything is already presented in the set.

It is convenient that the tools can be carried at once. You will easily change the wheels of the car, perform technical work under the hood, as well as use DEKOPRO every time you need a small household repair.



For those who love repair and huge tool kits out there, we found REXBETI. This set consists of as much as 217 pieces of various nozzles, tools for creating furniture by yourself, as well as professional tools for mechanical work.

The DIY kit includes standard household tools – a hammer with a long ergonomic handle, pliers, wrench and tape measure for your projects. Of course, that is not all – it would be too long to list the whole list.

It is also worth mentioning the case, which contains the whole set of REXBETI. Based on the standards, each tool fits tightly to the case and has an individual recess.

All places are marked with special guidelines – so you can open the case by yourself in a convenient way. In addition to the daily service tools, you can also find some specialized tools in REXBETI.

With the special clip, you can put all the tools inside the case. If you store REXBETI, it will not slide on the surface when you move – there are special strips on the case to prevent sliding.

8) Crescent CTK170CMP2

crescent ctk170cmp2

Sometimes it is not very convenient to open the suitcase in the usual way. In such cases, you need special packaging that is more convenient for you to work with.

The Crescent CTK170CMP2 is a set of tools that has a convenient storage case that has two doors. You can put the case on the floor or table, and using the clips, fully open the case. You will have 170 different tools in front of you and at your fingertips.

The tools in this set are made of special steel alloy. It is quite robust and durable, for example, the thread on wrenches will be intact even for many years.

All tools that require manual work – for example, a screwdriver – have ergonomic handles made of rubberized material.

Even if there are large differences in temperature and humidity, no tools will be damaged. The plastic is dense and thick enough for you to carry it in your car even on the bumpiest road.

9) AmazonBasics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit


AmazonBasics speaks for itself – it is a basic set of tools that may be needed for the mechanics to work. Hexagonal wrenches, screwdrivers of different sizes, and sockets are all inside the case.

The chrome-plated anti-corrosion finish gives the tools a little shine and the case is made of chrome vanadium steel.  It is worth noting that the case itself is not as good as its filling – but if you are looking for tools, this is a great set of basic and popular ones.

Using tools in everyday life is more frequent and regular than you could imagine. The best solution is to buy one good set of all the tools you need, like the AmazonBasics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit.

It is not the largest, but you will not be throwing tools all over the garage or the trunk of your car. Repairing your bike, car, trailer or any small household appliance is no longer an impossible task for you. In this case, you will quickly find what you need now and be able to quickly complete the work, removing tools to places.

10) CARTMAN Orange

cartman orange

All repair work on the house requires special tools. If you do not want to spend too much on buying a whole set, CARTMAN Orange is the perfect product for you.

All the tools inside the special case look like one – they are all made in the same style with small color accents. Each tool has been tested and certified to ANSI standards.

The cast case has special compartments for each of the tools. You can fold them carefully each time after work, without having to think about how best to close the case.

CARTMAN Orange is all you need for a small repair or general project. All basic and most popular tools are already included there. Problems with sanitary engineering? Did the bolt come off or should it be tightened more? Urgently need a hammer or pliers? You will find it all in the kit.

Each tool is also specially treated and protected against corrosion so that you can lie inside your CARTMAN Orange for a long time without the slightest damage.

Many new tool kits are available each year, along with manufacturers. Not all buyers can quickly navigate through the products and catalogs, so we volunteered to help you with your choice.

A set of tools for your vehicle must be durable. It often happens that a car breaks down and there is no service station or even a car repair shop nearby. In that case, you should take care of it in advance and get a good set of tools – all you have to do is choose from the top 10!

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When making your choice, you may have several questions, so we decided to answer the most popular of them.

FAQ for tool kit buyers

1. Is it worth paying attention to the number of tools in the set?

Some toolsets for a car can even include a hundred items! Agree, you cannot use all of them – just because you may not know the scope of their application.

When choosing a good and quality toolset, we recommend that you pay close attention to the material of the tools and what items are included in the set.

It is better that you have a smaller set, but better quality, and you have a clear idea of every tool inside it.

2. How do you take care of your car tools?

Once you have finished repairing your car, you should clean each and every tool you use thoroughly. In this way, you will significantly increase their service life, reducing their costs.

Even if your set has special protection against corrosion and breakage, it does not protect it 100%. Nevertheless, you do not need to wash your tools with water! It is best to clean and wipe them with a special rag or cloth and even treat them if necessary.

3. How do I store my tools in my car?

Car drivers have two common places to store their tools – the trunk and space under the seat. Storage will depend directly on which case your kit has.

If it is too flat, then storage under the seat is not justified – the case will constantly slide, interfering with your trip. It is best to store it in a special luggage compartment – the same place where you have a spare tire.

4. How will I know how to use a tool?

Probably the most important problem for drivers. You may not know the purpose of the tool or how to use it correctly. Sometimes the kits contain special instructions for each item – in which situations and how to use it.

If there is no such instruction, or you threw it away, the best solution would be to go to the Internet or to postpone the tool at all. Remember that you can only make the car worse if you use it incorrectly and damage it.