10 Best Hammer Drills

Hammer drills are a necessary and very useful tool, the purchase of which will not become superfluous. When you think about it that way, it is not always rational to repair or fix something with the help of hand tools – people have to put a lot of physical effort and spend their personal time. The hammer drill’s mechanized mechanism speeds up the destruction or repair process by several times and also guarantees you precise operation. In other words, you can count on better results. With manual operation, you can slip away and hammer something wrong. With hammer drills, you won’t do that.

In general, such a tool is not used for easy and small work. It is mainly used to break concrete and bricks, because it has the same power as the impact drill, but they work under high pressure. In case you’re thinking about purchasing, it’s not always possible for the store’s consultants to advise you on the best option. That’s why we’ve chosen the best 10 hammer drills for you – it will be easier for you to make your choice.

Our Top Pick
bosch 11255vsr bulldog xtremeBosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Air vent for hull cleaning
  • Secure storage case
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Other great hammer drills


Makita XPH12Z 18V LXT

Compact hammer drill for mild materials.

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DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit

Device with light bulbs.

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Makita HR2475 1" Rotary Hammer

Rubberized anti-slip handle for comfortable work.

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Bosch 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC with Vibration Control

Budget 8 power option for home use.

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Makita HR2641X1 SDS-PLUS 3-Mode Variable Speed AVT Rotary Hammer with Case and 4-1/2"

Anti-vibration protection to reduce impact.

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DEWALT D25262K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer with Shocks

Complete hammer drill kit for fast and efficient operation.

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Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver (Bare Tool)-Peak Torque

Protects against overheating and works even with the hardest materials.

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Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT

2-stage power box for manual adjustment.

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DeWalt DW511

Two finger trigger and manual tool balancing.

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Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme

Because the Bosch manufacturer is always listening to customers and consumers, you’ll probably notice these models. Indeed, the company also produces hammer drills. One of their tools is Bosch Bulldog Xtreme.

It has 3 modes of operation: hammer, hammer drill and drill only. This is convenient because you can only use a certain mode depending on your needs. Even if you have never encountered such tools before, you can handle it anyway. Bosch Bulldog Xtreme selects the best angle for your work and also has several types of nozzles. The drill bit should be chosen depending on the material and the complexity of use. You can adjust the impact force yourself with the rotary knob.

Although the manufacturer says that their tool can handle any material, it is not true. Some ceramic tiles are better removed by hand – Bosch Bulldog Xtreme will work slowly and dirty with them. It’s worth mentioning about the dirt as well. In the process, the hammer drill leaves behind a lot of dust and covers it itself. The air vents allow you to easily clean the tool, and the special case included in the kit helps you to keep the tool protected from external damage.

Makita XPH12Z 18V LXT

More compact in size, the Makita 18V LXT is also a budget option. If you’re not a professional builder and you don’t have to work with a lot of materials, this is a good option to buy. Makita 18V LXT has 2 speeds – up to 500 rpm and up to 2000 rpm. The brushless motor guarantees increased power and speed as well as longer tool life.

According to the manufacturer, the hammer drill can work with any material – be it wood, metal or concrete. In fact, the most efficient way to handle softer materials is to use the hammer drill. In hammer mode, the Makita 18V LXT can get stuck in the material and cause trouble for the operator.

The standard equipment does not include a tool case or case, so you’ll have to deal with it yourself. It is worth noting the good work of the support team. If your tool breaks down or something is wrong with it, they will consult you and send you to the warranty shop for repair for free.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit

You may not always be able to work with lighting or in a comfortable environment. The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Wireless Drill provides you with a long-lasting, electrically independent workstation and diodes. Yes, this model has several light bulbs, which provide enough light for comfortable work. So even if you’re in the dark or you have to use a hammer drill in an unexpected situation, you won’t be looking for an extra flashlight.

Despite the good feedback and the belief that the DEWALT 20V MAX XR is versatile, you may actually encounter inconvenience. For example, when working with concrete, the tool makes slightly more holes than necessary. Sometimes the hole diameter is incredibly important and can be matched to specific screws or bolts.

Since this is a wireless device, it is worth noting the longevity of the battery. The battery charger is not included and you will need to buy it additionally. The same situation with batteries – for the completeness of the kit you will have to spend a little more than you expect, buying a full-fledged tool. The choice of batteries and accumulators is great – despite the fact that the manufacturer talks about lithium-ion batteries, other energy sources are also suitable for DEWALT 20V MAX XR.

Makita HR2475 1″ Rotary Hammer

Makita as a whole is a brand that produces many kinds of tools and hammer drills including. It is one of the representatives of powerful enough devices that will help you work with even the hardest materials. Compared to other hammer drills, this model destroys blocks of stone and other hard materials much faster. You can control the power and speed of the chisel on your own, which allows you to maintain a certain speed, even during difficult jobs. The Makita HR2475 1″ Rotary Hammer uses a large number of copper switches – this has a positive effect on power transmission speed and tool life.

The handy rubberized handle is anti-slip and is even suitable for prolonged holding during operation. In the kit there is only the device itself, so that additional replaceable chisel bits or a bag for transportation you have to look for yourself. It is worth noting the availability of warranty and a large number of service centers, where you can replace the device or fix the breakage. The most common problem is the depth gauge. It quickly breaks down, loosens and breaks, which is inconvenient if you want to create precise holes of a certain depth.

Bosch 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC with Vibration Control

We already have a Bosch representative in our article, but they are not limited to just one tool model. Indeed, many people trust them with the production of their tools and equipment, so if you’re interested in quality and want a guarantee, this suits you.

In addition to the basic 3 modes of operation – drill, hammer and all in all – this model controls vibration during operation. It is made both in the working area and in the handle area – so you won’t feel uncomfortable while holding the tool. The side grip is self-adjusting and the handle is 360 degrees – so you have complete control over the Bosch SDS Rotary Hammer. The engine is powerful enough – it’s powerful enough to run at up to 900 rpm. The clutch minimizes kickback during a collision with obstacles, so even if the drill gets stuck, you won’t get hurt or break the tool.

Especially if you’re looking for a budget tool for home repairs or infrequent small jobs, the Bosch SDS Rotary Hammer is perfect. It comes immediately with a storage case and power cord. By the way, many of the tools have a fairly small cord, and in this model its length is 8 feet – so you won’t be limited in movement. The depth gauge will allow you to create holes of the desired depth, so that even beginners will be able to manage correctly with the Bosch SDS Rotary Hammer.

Makita HR2641X1 SDS-PLUS 3-Mode Variable Speed AVT Rotary Hammer with Case and 4-1/2″

Another reasonably priced hammer drill model that you can find in many construction stores. Makita AVT Rotary Hammer is a versatile tool that can work with concrete, wood, stone and even tiles. If your repair involves extensive work with absolutely different materials, then you should take a closer look at this model.

An engine with a power output of up to 11,000 rpm – do you have any idea of how durable the materials can be destroyed with Makita AVT Rotary in seconds? You’d think that this high performance makes engine wear and tear much faster. In fact, it’s not – the model is equipped with rugged gears in the design itself that are protected by multiple bearings. The engine is also protected from debris by a labyrinth design, which also extends the service life.

Makita AVT Rotary has a cushioning system in place during operation. Anti-vibration protection is based on a counterbalance system, so you will not feel the full effect of the material during the work. The handle is made in D-shape, which is standard for many tools. But there are also some disadvantages. For example, the system with a depth gauge quickly breaks down. After some time of continuous work (about 20-30 minutes) it stops sliding and now you have to adjust the depth of holes by yourself.

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DEWALT D25262K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer with Shocks

Dewalt completes its tools completely. This model is presented together with a depth bar and a small set of drills and tools. For ease of use, the system Perform & Protect, which is sometimes called Shocks, is built in. It actively regulates and suppresses vibration in the handle of the tool during use. The clutch reduces high torque reactions during the collision of the chisel with obstacles. The mechanical force of the Dewalt is equal to 2.8 Joules of impact energy, which is basically average and standard for many hammer drills.

This tool requires power from the mains. For someone, this can be an obstacle – for example, if you are dealing with work somewhere in the open (for example, sandstone) and you do not have additional sources of electricity. Dewalt is a powerful tool with good characteristics, but unfortunately with fast wear and tear.

Since it works quickly (for example, it can drill through 3-4 inches of concrete in a few minutes), it is not designed for long and continuous operation. If you don’t stop using the tool periodically – even for a few minutes – the tool’s lubrication can start to flow out, which will inevitably lead to the need for tool maintenance. If you need to have a quick and effective impact on the material, Dewalt is the perfect solution with power requirements.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL ½» Hammer Drill/Driver (Bare Tool)-Peak Torque

In order to prevent overheating due to long periods of intensive use of the tool and to prevent other engine breakdowns, the manufacturer Milwaukee is integrating REDLINK PLUS Intelligence technology into its tool. This is an obvious plus, because you won’t lose your money buying or losing your tool at the most inopportune moment. The engine’s power output is up to 2,000 rpm, allowing you to work even with tough and hard materials. The Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL Peak Torque is also wireless, so if you’re going to work outdoors, it’s a good option.

It should be noted that the Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL Peak Torque has no accessories provided. Most often the product is sold independently, without storage items or spare parts. The battery should be charged with electricity, but one full charge will last a long time.

If you decide to buy the tool from someone else, make sure it is not stolen or stolen from an authorized representative. Milwaukee has developed its own application, with which you can control the tool. If your hammer drill is stolen, you can use the app to turn off the tool and it will be useless and unsuitable for use.

Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT

Another wireless hammer drill model that is sold separately from its battery. This move gives additional profit to the manufacturer and makes the price of the device incredibly low and attractive to customers. The battery level can be seen on the case – 3 charging bars show you the need to recharge. The instrument itself supports a 2-stage power box – one to 900 rpm, the second to 2000 rpm. Choose according to the density and thickness of the material (if you are not familiar with this area, it is better to specify it in the instructions).

The engine is brushless and runs at about 1000 inches in power. It’s worth noting that it’s almost impossible to keep a tool at maximum power alone. It is worth using a special handle to avoid injuries. At lower speeds, you can control the drilling process more clearly, as the tool works almost independently at higher speeds.

The Makita XPH07Z illuminates the drilling area, which is convenient because you can work without additional lighting. The light comes on as soon as the power button is pressed and lasts about 15 seconds. This way, you don’t waste battery power, so you get light when you need it.

The tool does not make any noise during operation, but it makes a slight buzzing noise. This is a plus compared to other standard tools – as all hammer drills make quite a lot of noise.

DeWalt DW511

The power of this model is slightly higher than standard. It is equipped with an 8.5-ampere engine with a power of up to 2700 rpm. The engine is powered by a two-finger trigger – a system designed to monitor and control the hammer drill more precisely. Dual mode allows you to control the mode of operation with different materials – you can use both drill and hammer. Dual Mode allows the user to disable one of the two functions when it is not needed. The low weight of the design makes it easy for the user to work, and the handy handle reduces muscle strain.

The handle provides balance and controllability, and is included immediately with the hammer drill. The depth rod, which is pleasing, is durable and really effective. You can always use it in your work. The DeWalt DW511 is mainly used for residential repairs. Although the manufacturer says it’s versatile, the tool is still not effective for hard rock, for example.

Some users note that the DeWalt DW511’s holding angle is not very convenient. If you bought this tool right after using another one, you will have to get used to it. But in general, this does not affect the performance and efficiency of the DeWalt DW511 – it easily creates holes in concrete and masonry, not to mention tiles and other household materials.

Repairs in any case bring discomfort to the people who participate in it. Speed of work, efficiency and versatility are the main factors in the choice of tools. Nobody wants to do any work for a few days, when a more powerful tool can do the same in a few hours! We have tried to consider the most important factors – such as type of power supply, power, speed and versatility. All you have to do is to choose the right hammer drill from an abundance of models, buy it and use it. We hope that we have helped you to choose the right hammer drill and saved you time in your own study of this area.

FAQ for hammer drill buyers

1. How do you use a hammer drill?

Hammer drills are essential to people in order for them to create new small holes. They are needed to fix a new TV on the wall, hang a heavy picture and much more.

They are perfect for working with hard materials such as concrete, wood and brick inlays. This tool will make your repairs and minor household chores much easier. Hammer drill speeds up your work, making it almost effortless for you.

2. Which type of power is better – mains or battery?

The type of power depends directly on how you use the tool. Even wired models are great for small jobs in the home – because you always have access to outlets and electricity.

If you are planning on renovating your summer cottage, building something, or even taking your tool with you, then battery-powered models are a good choice. In order not to be left without power at the right time, we would recommend taking a spare rechargeable battery with you.

3. Which is better – hammer drill or rotary hammer?

You may have stumbled across a rotary hammer while looking for the best model. The question immediately arises – what is it and what are the differences between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill?

We would like to note right away that the rotary hammer is much more powerful and designed for a higher level and scope of work. Usually, their price is much higher and the functions are coarser.

This device is suitable for professionals who already have a hammer drill or for people who are going to make bigger holes. If you do not do such a substantial repair, it is worthwhile to do with a cheaper device.

4. What is the right handle?

The most important thing you should consider is the ergonomics of the handle. Not only should it be comfortable, but also the handle should be balanced and not outweigh the main weight of the device.

Smoothing the handle is also important – you need to have a rubberized material on top of the base. Some models have features such as 180-degree or even 360-degree rotation of the handle. Note that you will need to hold too heavy drills with both hands and the handle should be wide enough.

5. Do I need safety features?

Some beginners may worry that working with such a serious tool will be dangerous. In fact, you will really need some safety features when working with such a serious tool. The device itself must also have some security features to protect the master.

For example, you should always carry the drill only in a case or bag, so you can protect yourself from accidental damage. It is also a good idea to have features such as a drill lock.