10 Best Garage Shelving

The organization of space can be completely different. Someone prefers closed storage – in boxes, cabinets, they buy dressers and organizers, build special cupboards for their garage. But it is worth noting that for the most part, these items are usually small in size and when you try to put all the things in the garage, you may face another problem – all these boxes, drawers, will also need to be sorted somehow. In that case, shelves come to our aid.

They leave you free and open access to any items that are stored in your garage, but still save space and bring your own order to all items. But we face a problem: how to choose such a rack? After all, it should be strong enough to withstand the high weight of all those items that will be located on it, and you do not want to spend a fortune on its purchase. Don’t panic! We have selected the best 10 garage shelving options for you, among which you can find the one that suits you.

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Our Top Pick
amazonbasics 5-shelfAmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit, Metal Organizer Wire Rack, Black
  • Total capacity over 1,700 pounds
  • Chrome black construction
  • Adjustable height of shelves
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Other great shelvings


Seville Classics 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels, 30" W x 14" D x 60" H, Plated Steel

Compact shelving that you can colour yourself.

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Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 16 Bin Rack Shelving, 36" W x 14" D x 56" D

Set of 7 shelves and several storage boxes.

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Muscle Rack UR301260PB5P-SV Silver Vein Steel Storage Rack, 5 Adjustable Shelves, 4000 lb. Capacity

Solid shelving racking for storage.

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Sterilite 01553V01 5 Shelf Unit, Flat Gray Shelves & Legs, 1-Pack

Sturdy sterilite racking with holes in the shelves.

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Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B Plastic Shelving, 36" Width x 72" Height x 18" Depth, Black

Lightweight plastic construction that anyone can buy.

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Plano Molding 907-003 4 Shelf Utility Shelving

Easy removal and installation of solid shelves.

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FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2x6ft 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves, Black

Hanging shelves with mounting template.

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Storage Metal Shelf Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels 82"x48"x18" Sturdy Steel Heavy Duty

Shelving on wheels for easy movement.

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Whitmor Supreme 3 Tier Shelving with Adjustable Shelves and Leveling Feet - Black

Small shelving cabinet with adjustable shelves.

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AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

Well, if you’re familiar with the concept of Amazon Basics, then you already have a rough idea of what this rack is all about. This is a simple and laconic metal structure made of bars. The whole construction is black and chrome, so if the appearance is important for you, this shelf can fit into any interior. In the kitchen, in the garage, in the office or in the warehouse – you can use it anywhere, it won’t make it worse.

In total, the kit includes 5 shelves and the main frame. You will need to assemble the whole structure yourself, but it will not take much time and effort. Especially since all the necessary details are included in the set at once. You can adjust the height of the shelves yourself when assembling. The main frame guides have holes in each inch to secure these shelves. If you wish, you can even buy more shelves and place them in addition to the existing five.

The Amazon Basics racking is large enough. Each shelf can hold up to 350 pounds maximum, which means a total maximum holding capacity of 1750 pounds. Note that this capacity is designed to distribute the weight evenly across all shelves in the design. If you exceed this weight, the shelf may bend or fall. Otherwise, this rack easily provides the space you need in the right places and provides additional space for placement.

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Seville Classics 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving

This rack is more compact than the previous one, but also has 5 shelves to accommodate your boxes and small items. Each shelf can hold up to 300 pounds, and with an even load on the entire shelf, you get a capacity of up to 1500 pounds. These are big enough numbers for such a small piece of furniture. Thanks to its compact size, Seville Classics Shelving can easily be placed in any room or corridor. You can even paint it if you want and need it – the entire shelf is made of steel, unpainted in any color.

The production material is anticorrosive. This is important if you place the shelf in a garage or basement – humidity and other moisture will not affect the quality of your Seville Classics Shelving. All shelves are made with the use of wires – that is, they are not made of a solid sheet of metal, but of a variety of interwoven bars. Each one of them is adjustable by you – just like in Amazon Basics, the minimum shelf space is 1 inch.

It’s worth noting the essential detail that makes it even more convenient to use. It is the wheels. Yes, yes, the most common 4 wheels, which are attached to each of the load-bearing bars of the construction. With their help you can easily move the rack around the room, respectively, easily transporting its contents. A total of 4 rollers with locking legs are provided. For such a low price you get an excellent compact rack, which can be moved every day.

Seville Classics 7-Tier NSF 16 Bin Rack Shelving

In case you are set up to buy a stand exclusively for garage and storage of construction tools, Seville has providently created a special rack for you. It consists of 7 shelves filled with special plastic containers for storage. It is convenient for use in sorting and organizing goods, stationery, building materials (possibly bolts and nails), as well as for placing small items in your garage or basement. By the way, some small shopkeepers prefer to store goods in the warehouse.

In total, you get 16 containers – 12 medium and 4 extra-large. There is a label on each box in the set – you can paste it at once not to get confused with the contents of the same containers. It is also worth mentioning the materials from which all this is made.

The frame and shelves themselves are made of epoxy-coated steel. It protects the metal from corrosion and does not allow easy cleaning of the surface in case it becomes dirty. The boxes are manufactured to NSF standards – so they can be used at home as well as in the food and beverage industry.

But there are a few details to note. If you plan to place the shelves in a set of several at once, i.e. fixing them together and placing them next to each other – this will not work. The main beams of the case are easily deformed and bent, so you may encounter a situation that two absolutely identical racks can not connect in any way.

The second, also a significant disadvantage is its assembly. Despite the apparent simplicity of Seville’s instructions, you can spend the whole day in the garage just trying to assemble the rack. Probably, it can be called reasonable – after all, you get a huge amount of storage space.

Muscle Rack UR301260PB5P

Perhaps you don’t like the case when the shelf is made of weaving and wire technique. There is an opinion that some people do not trust such constructions because of their apparent fragility and instability. Although this isn’t the case, we suggest you consider the Muscle Rack Storage. It is a standard rack consisting of five shelves and a supporting structure. But it is very different from the previous versions – all its shelves are made of solid sheets. They are made of chipboard, which is finished with metal on the edges. Each shelf is supported by beams. They are fastened in the main frame of the rack with a minimum distance of ½ – 1 inch from each other.

Due to the fact that the base of the shelves is represented by solid material, the holding capacity of the entire structure is higher. The Muscle Rack Storage can hold up to 4000 pounds of objects in total. Of course, not on the same shelf, but still this figure is much higher compared to wire racks. Since you adjust the height of the shelves yourself, you can take this into account when placing containers and boxes. You can also use this rack to store or use equipment. It has convenient wire connectors that allow you to easily connect and disconnect devices during transport or repositioning.

There are no obvious disadvantages to this racking. If it fits your needs and you need to store heavy enough items – this is a great option. If you follow the rules of operation, do not overload the shelves – it can stand in your garage for a long period of time. Why in the garage? Because the design of the Muscle Rack Storage is exclusively suitable for basements, warehouses and garages.

Sterilite 01553V01 5 Shelf Unit

Are you working in difficult or uncomfortable conditions? Worried that any purchased rack will fail very quickly, won’t suit you, or will simply break under the weight of your belongings? In this case, the Sterilite 01553V01 is the perfect solution for you. Durable and comfortable, it can be easily placed even in the smallest of spaces, and the shelves are not thin and will not bend under the weight of the contents. The set includes 5 shelves and fixtures to them, which connect the entire structure together.

The rack itself looks rather unusual. It is made of strong and thick sterile, and this material is not familiar to all people. The shelves are strong and indestructible, as well as the main beams of the entire shelf. They are resistant to water and weather conditions, so they are often chosen by coastal and forest dwellers. It is necessary to consider the structure and design of the shelves in a little more detail.

Each of them has holes in its bottom. They are located evenly over the entire surface of the shelf, creating a kind of “bottomless recess”. Despite this, you will not notice the slightest hint of bending the shelves when placing anything on them. The tubular design gives you a guarantee of durability, even if you place the shelf in the open area.

But there are also some nuances. Since the manufacturer produces the Sterilite 01553V01 in batches, ordering the same product, but from different batches, you can get different height models. You won’t even notice it in normal use, but if you intend to combine them into a single design or just place the shelves next to each other, you’ll notice it.

Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B Plastic Shelving

The appearance of the Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B is easily confused with the previous sterile shelf. In fact, these are two completely different models, which are similar only in appearance and color of the material. Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B is quite standard in size, approximately equal in size to other racks.

As you could already understand from the name of the model, the material of its production is plastic. To make storage easy and you could, for example, put equipment on a shelf with a socket connection, each shelf has holes in it. You can easily extend the wire through them and connect the device to the mains and, if necessary, move the rack with the same ease. The Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B is also similar to the Sterilite.

The rack consists of 5 shelves, each of which is attached to the previous and the next one with the help of rods. When it comes to the material, it’s not exactly plastic, it’s shock-resistant resin. Due to the fact that there are holes in the shelves, mold will not appear on the design even if you use it outdoors. By the way, it is worth noting the fact that each shelf can hold up to 150 pounds. In principle, this is the average value for many shelving units. At the same time, the Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B is quite inexpensive compared to other shelving units and is available for purchase to people with any budget.

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Plano Molding 907-003 4 Shelf Utility Shelving

Plastic racks remain one of the most popular among buyers due to their price and standard quality. One of such rather budgetary models, thus qualitative and possessing rather good reputation among buyers is Plano Molding 907-003.

This rack is easy to dismantle and transfer, and it is not quite light in weight compared to other plastic models. The manufacturer claims that the material is Heavy Duty Plastic. That is, it can be concluded that the rack can be used in basements and garages, as well as on the street or in the pavilions in your backyard.

The shelves of this rack are cast and have no openings. The fact that they are solid gives you the possibility to place even the smallest objects on them without fear that something may fall. You also don’t need to mount anything or use any construction tools to assemble it. It will take you less than 5 minutes to assemble an entire rack, even without instructions. If we are talking about the instructions, it is worth noting that there is simply no instructions. Apparently, the manufacturer counts on your ingenuity.

The rack itself is two-color. The sticks connecting shelves among themselves are darker than the shelves themselves. In general, the color of the shelf is neutral and does not stand out from the general interior or against the background of other furniture. If it would be possible to describe furniture in one word, concerning Plano Molding 907-003 it is possible to tell “standard and usual”.

FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack

For those of you who don’t want to buy a rack that will take up space on your floor, hanging or wall shelves are the perfect solution. They will take up less space than conventional shelving but will have the same functionality. One such option is the FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack. In addition to 2x6ft packaging, you can order or buy shelves in other sizes – from 1×3 to 2×6.

The most important thing is that you can install them yourself. You don’t need to ask for help or simply worry about the installation. Included with the shelves is a mounting template, with which you can easily create holes in the wall to the required standards. Each shelf can hold up to 400 pounds, as it is made of thick sheet steel. All fixing is done with the help of the high-quality screws that are included in the kit. They can attach the shelf to a wall or concrete surface (note that it is not possible to attach FLEXIMOUNTS to a reinforced concrete structure or metal beams).

Since the shelves are 2 feet wide, they can be called standard sizes for hanging shelves. They will not become strongly protruding and will be allocated in a room, thus you can place on them all necessary things. Since the shelves look the same, you can fix them next to each other and they will make a single design.

Storage Metal Shelf Wire Shelving Unit

We are accustomed to the fact that all metal shelving must be assembled with wrenches and screwdrivers. The Storage Metal Shelf Wire Shelving Unit will change that for you. You can easily assemble this metal rack without any extra fixtures. You can adjust the height of the shelves and the entire racking by yourself, so if you’re short or very tall, you can adjust it to suit your needs.

The whole construction is placed on wheels. They can be locked, so the rack will be stationary if you need it. It can be placed in the kitchen, garage or any other room in your home – it is functional and not fixed to a certain place.

The shelves are made in the form of a metal grid. Of course, you won’t put small items on the shelves – for example, forks and spoons in the kitchen – but you can easily put pots and boxes on them. Since the entire shelf is made of heavy and high-quality steel, it can be considered durable. You don’t need to replace it a year or two after you buy it – it’s quite possible that it will stay even for your children!

By the way, it is worth going back to the question of wheels. In addition to them, the kit also includes the usual legs. If you’re not going to move the rack or you don’t trust the wheel lock, simply install the standard feet. If you are mounting wheels, you should consider putting a little less items on the rack to make it easy to move.

Whitmor Supreme 3 Tier Shelving

Sometimes you don’t need a huge rack at all. In fact, you’re looking for a small, compact racking system that can accommodate everything you need, save a little space around you and store things. You can use this shelf to store your shoes in the storage room or hallway, small kitchen items in the kitchen or your household tools in the garage.

Each shelf is made of thin metal bars and can bear up to 350 pounds of weight. Enough for such a small shelf! The products are certified for use in any, even the most unfavorable conditions, so you are not limited in space for its placement. Shelves are easy to clean from dust and dirt – you should just wipe them with a damp cloth.

You can adjust the shelves yourself. Chromium-plated steel provides the hardness of the material, and each shelf is fastened with bolts and screws to the rack frame. When assembling, you may initially think that the shelf is not tightly fastened and is a little loose, but it is not. You’ll get a full-fledged, sturdy design at the end of the assembly, with all the shelves fully secured.

The rack is sturdy and heavy-duty, and the shelves don’t bend under the weight. Whitmor Supreme with Adjustable Shelves and Leveling Feet is a great option if you’re looking for a small and sturdy shelf that you can use to organize your belongings and clean up your rooms a little bit.

In considering all the options, we have tried to consider products in different price ranges and for different purposes. You can store your creative accessories, old things, moving boxes and even old furniture on them! If you have completely converted your garage for a car, you can pick up shelves on which you can store even spare tires and other parts for your car.

In any case, with the help of such devices, you can easily organize the space of your garage or storage room as efficiently as possible. So, you at any time will immediately find the items you need, without spending a huge amount of time and nerves to find them. All you have to do is to choose and buy a suitable option – do not hesitate!

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FAQ for shelving buyers

1. How many racks should there be on the shelving?

How many items do you have in your garage? There are storage systems that can reach the ceiling with their height – and you will place absolutely everything in your garage in them.

On average, shelving has between four and seven shelves, but the height of the frame can be different. Some models are designed to store small and light items – they have many shelves, but the height is low. We recommend you to choose not by the number of shelves, but by the maximum weight that this shelf can support.

2. What is the best way to organize storage in the garage?

Garages are often filled with various things, tools and even forgotten old junk. Not all this can just be spread around corners – it is necessary to systematize your property. Different shelves and storage systems can help in such matters. 

For example, the shelvings that are described to you. They can be used to place items or boxes, containers. Inside them, you can store almost everything that is in your garage – the main thing is to simply place it on shelves.

3. Which material is considered the best for shelves?

Shelving can be found in different designs, quality and of course in different materials. Among the most popular are steel, titanium, plastic and other materials. The material will depend on how you use shelving.

For example, if you are going to complement and modify the design, the best solution is to buy a metal model. Some of them can be painted and complemented by yourself. If you are looking for a budget model that you are not going to change in any way – plastic will be the best solution.

4. Is it necessary to attach the construction to the garage wall?

Have you seen clips on the Internet where all the content of the rack falls directly on the person? To avoid this situation, the shelves always need to be fastened – especially if the structure is high enough.

Sure, you will not fix to the wall those models that have wheels and require moving. However, if you are installing the shelving stationary on one wall in your garage, it is best to fix the structure for reliability.

5. How many things can I put on the shelves?

Each material and each model can have its own weight limits for things. Even our article has completely different weights, designed for 150 or 300 pounds. Again, it is worth paying attention to the material that the structure is made of.

For example, metal shelving can withstand more than plastic shelving. In any case, the manufacturer is sure to indicate these values on the packaging or in the product manual – you can also find out the information in the description before buying.