11 Best Portable Chests

Despite the fact that the garages are already intended for storing things, sometimes there is not enough space in them. This does not depend on the fact that you have too much stuff or a small area of space. It can happen that cabinets, shelves, or even drawers are not enough for space. To buy high-grade furniture is expensive, to order it from special masters – even more expensive, and to build even the simplest shelf is not the most simple thing to do. In this case, to avoid wasting your free time and money, you can buy a chest.

Such things will help you to organize the space, sort things and in general to clean up the garage. You should agree that cleaning becomes several times faster when you know where and what to place, and the search for the right items will be accelerated. Even choosing a simple chest of drawers can be a big problem. We’ve picked up absolutely different options for your chests, which vary in cost and size. We suggest that you choose the most suitable of these 11 best models.

Our Top Pick
craftsman 4 drawer chestCraftsman 4 Drawer Chest with Large Top Compartment
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Convenient transportation
  • Preventing fall out of shelves and items.
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Other great portable chests


Tool cart with plastic drawers, tool box and tool chest by Stanley Tools

Maneuverable and easy movement of the whole structure.

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Ironton 20in. Toolbox Storage System

Steel frame and sturdy drawers.

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Montezuma – SM200B

Watertight seal to protect tools from moisture.

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Viper Tool Storage V218MCBL

Minimalistic steel case with flat drawers.

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Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest, Three Tool boxes in One

Easy to fit in the trunk or back of the car.

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Keter 240762 5 Drawer Modular Garage & Tool Organizer

Traditional chest of drawers for storing tools.

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DeWalt DWST20800 Mobile Work Center

"Sliding ladder" from toolboxes.

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Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Large module from drawers with closing compartments.

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Klein Tools 55473RTB

Cart with soft materials and lots of pockets.

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RIDGID Professional Tool Storage

Large size case for use even in extreme conditions.

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Craftsman 4 Drawer Chest

The Craftsman company is familiar to many people who have been using tools for a long time or who take the storage of things around seriously. Previously, this manufacturer provided a lifetime warranty and was characterized by impeccable quality, but time goes by and nothing remains the same. Nowadays, Craftsman is still the leader, but the old users notice slight changes in quality. So, what can the manufacturer offer us today?

Craftsman 4 is a kind of suitcase drawer with 4 drawers. At the very top, there is another shelf drawer that opens from above. The Craftsman Chest mechanism is designed in such a way that without opening this top shelf, you will not get to the contents of the drawers. This is convenient because this mechanism prevents the opening of drawers by accident during transport or transportation.

The boxes themselves are quite small. Yes, they are wide, but they are also small in height, making it difficult to place many items. This factor should be taken into account when closing the crates. The chest itself is not the largest size – 12x24x15 inches. This is basically enough to store the basic tools and trifles, but if you want to place an arsenal of hammers and saws, you should consider larger options.

Tool box and tool chest by Stanley Tools

Do you like designers? Then you will have a little fun working with this tool cart. The whole construction consists of 3 parts, one of which is the base with attached wheels. The handle for moving around, similar to the handles of suitcases, is also attached to this base. During storage, it can be lowered, and by the way, it is made of aluminum. The wheels are small, but their size is enough for maneuverability and easy movement of the whole chest.

The upper part of the tools cart has one drawer and a deep drawer opening from above. It occupies a large part of the compartment and is designed to store very large tools. The middle part of chest has 2 drawers. All parts are connected by ball guides, which are equipped with bearings for durability. Indeed, the design of this product is very convenient and seems to be spacious.

It is worth noting that the material of all chest is plastic. If you don’t trust such a material in terms of durability, it’s worth reconsidering. If you’re not going to load it with heavy tools, but to use it for drawing tools, needlework or cleaning – in general, not heavy things – it’s a great option. Hollow wheels will withstand the weight of the contents, and the design will allow you to use the space as efficiently as possible.

Ironton 20in. Toolbox Storage System

The design of the Ironton manufacturer is very similar to the previous product from Stanley Tools. The movement system and the general structure also have similar features to the suitcase, and the entire storage space is divided into 3 separate sectors. But there are significant differences.

Firstly, chest is made of steel. The drawers are, of course, finished with plastic, but the main structure and frame are made of steel. The top part is a portable drawer that opens from above. It is roomy, so you can easily place all the solid tools there. The second part is just 2 drawers, and the third part is the only drawer that is quite tall and spacious. Second, each part has a handle, ball-bearing system and wheels for movement. That is if in the previous version you just got carrying cases, in the case of Ironton you get 3 small chests, which can be transported separately if you need to.

When assembled, the Ironton is a large and spacious chest of drawers for storing all sorts of things – construction tools, garage trifles, remnants of materials from repairs or creative accessories. Of course, the appearance of this toolbox is more suitable for a garage than for a creative studio, but it does not affect its capacity and functionality.

Montezuma – SM200B

Montezuma differs from many of its competitors by the fact that they protect all their products from moisture and dust. Specifically, this tool chest is equipped with a waterproof seal that protects all your objects and tools in case of rain or dirt. Montezuma – SM200B in different sizes – from 23 to 30 inches wide and from 13 to 18 inches deep, respectively. Depending on your needs, requirements and number of tools, you can choose the right size.

Basically, this tool chest is designed for carrying by handle or moving on conventional construction trolleys. The entire construction is made of hardened steel, and all welds were not created by spot welding. This guarantees the durability of the construction and makes sure that the box does not fall apart when transported in the trunk of the car, for example. The shape of chest resembles a triangle. The entire construction is multi-level, which allows you to easily access and see the tools at a glance. The top cover is equipped with gas shock absorbers and also closes the box tightly. Your tools will be protected. If you are worried that your tools will be stolen, the box is equipped with a two-pin locking system. Also worth noting are the shock absorbers that hold the position of the tools during use.

One of the small drawbacks to note is the quality of the steel. Depending on the batch and the factory where the box was produced, its quality may not be the best. If you are unlucky enough to encounter such a piece, you can exchange it immediately.

Viper Tool Storage V218MCBL

For those of you looking for a compact drawer that you can place on your desk, in your garage or even in your kitchen, you’ll love the Viper Tool Storage. It is made quite minimalistic, but it meets the requirements of users. For easy transport, the drawer is equipped with two handles on the sides of the case, making it easy to move the drawer. The case itself consists of 2 drawers and one drawer under the lid. Pullout is ensured by the ball bearing system. The lid compartment opens smoothly and effortlessly, giving you access to the large enough inner cavity of the toolbox.

Each of the drawers can hold up to 50 pounds, but this is almost impossible to achieve due to its small size. The drawers are flat and designed to hold small tools. It is also worth mentioning the material of manufacture. The tool box is made of good steel, but it also has a powder coating that ensures durability and an attractive appearance.

Inside the box there is a locking bar, which is fixed with a single lock. The chamber lock has the appropriate keys and uses a tubular locking design to securely lock and close all drawers and lids. If you want to expand your tool box in the future, for example, or buy a new, larger one, we have good news for you. Viper manufactures other large boxes of this kind and they can all be mounted to form a single unit.

Stalwart Portable Tool Chest

Another tool box that has a structure similar to that of a suitcase. It is divided into three main parts, each of which can be used as a separate case. The whole structure is plastic, so it will not avoid damage in case of collisions or strong blows. It is convenient that the Stalwart Portable tool chest can be easily placed in the trunk of the car or even in the back seat. You can carry it with you at any time, but only take out a certain part of the construction with the tools you need.

Each of the three parts is a separate box. The bottom two are drawers and the top two are only accessible through the top cover. The locking devices are sturdy and do not open at unnecessary moments or unexpectedly – so even in the trunk when you’re riding on the bumps, your tools will stay in place. The wheels and handle are strong enough that they shouldn’t cause any inconvenience or unexpected breakdowns.

There is also a small inconvenience. When you want to lift the Stalwart Portable tool chest up the stairs, you simply can’t do it! The fact is that the wheels are designed only for riding on a flat surface, and raising chest by the handle is almost impossible and unsafe. Therefore, if you suddenly need to raise your tools to the second floor or the stairs as a whole, you will have to disassemble the whole construction and reassemble it at the end of the “mini-journey”. Fortunately, the whole process does not take much time and you will quickly cope with transportation.

Keter 240762

While many portable chests are available with wheels and handles, the Keter is a more familiar and standard storage chest of drawers. The device consists of 2 separate drawers, which can be easily separated from each other by simply opening the lock mechanism. The brackets are located on the sides and stand out against the black background. It features a central locking system that locks all drawers and locks so that they do not open accidentally. In total, the Keter Modular Organizer has 16 sections and drawers, each of which can be represented by a separate module.

In addition to the usual storage of tools, you can also store household items and any other trifles for hobbies and home. The trolley, which is what this chest is, can be easily moved around the house. The five-stage storage system allows you to organize a separate sector for each type of instrument, so that you can not get confused in them.

In case you expect to store construction tools in it, you should consider a few nuances. First, under the weight of heavy hammers and pliers, plastic can bend over. For example, if you put something heavy upstairs, you can hardly open the first drawer. It’s uncomfortable, but this is plastic!

Secondly, the wheels are not always able to withstand the chest filled. For problem-free movement you’d better not overload the case, but leave it either with light things or half-empty. Plastic wheels may not be able to handle it. Since the entire Keter Modular Organizer is modular, you can buy additional crates and other parts if you wish. Then you get a larger chest size, but still with the same quality characteristics.

DeWalt DWST20800 Mobile Work Center

DeWalt has long been known in the market for tools and accessories. They produce a variety of different equipment, storage organizers, parts and much more. If you have used drills or other tools of this brand, you have heard exactly about its quality and have tried it yourself.

So, the Mobile work center represents 3 large compartments for storage of tools. The whole device looks like a sliding ladder – each of the compartments is moved forward more than the one above. The topmost drawer opens from above and does not cause any difficulty in accessing the tools. The entire construction can only be opened after manipulating the common latch. It is located in front of only chest, made of metal. The bottom container is the most massive and spacious, which allows you to store large power tools together with wires and batteries. The other parts are approximately the same size.

Since all chest is made of plastic, it is necessary to note its fragility. Even the slightest blow can be serious damage. The most common problem is the handle for moving the device. It is located at the back of all drawers and can be pulled out if necessary. Due to the brittleness of the plastic bearings, the handle can easily break down, making it difficult to move all the tools. It is worth noting that even under heavy tools, the plastic remains stationary.

Stanley 037025H Mobile Chest

Stanley presented a standard large toolbox to users. It’s a large module that has wheels in it, so you can move even the heaviest tools without physical effort. Inside the unit there are several sections that can be closed with another compartment. So you can store the most necessary or frequently used tools upstairs and put the massive ones in the main compartment of the chest. Thanks to the long handle, you can transport the Stanley Mobile Chest over long distances without leaning or lifting weights.

There’s plenty of room inside to store the right set of tools and even too much of it. The box itself is heavy and massive, even though it is made of plastic. Stanley cares about its name and reputation, so you can contact support in case of inaccuracies or malfunctions. As you would expect from the leaders in the tooling market, the entire construction is very robust and virtually impossible to damage.

The only thing to consider when using the handle is that it is made of less durable plastic. It is easy to break if used incorrectly or excessively, but it will not break by itself. The drawer itself moves vertically, so consider this when placing the tools inside. When you move the whole structure, you can tilt the drawer anyway so that all the tools in it turn over or stand upright.

Klein Tools 55473RTB

Trolleys are still a convenient way to transport objects. On construction sites and in major renovations, people often have to move different heavy objects by hand all the time, but this can be simplified. The design is a wheeled trolley that you can easily move just by dragging it behind you.

The main part is the toolbox and other items. Inside it there are a lot of pockets in which you can place different trifles. The only nuance is that the pockets are quite small and some things may not fit in them. While the main body is finished with fabric and other soft materials, the Klein Tools 55473RTB lid is rigid enough to allow you to transport heavy objects on it. They can weigh up to 250 pounds, not to mention the weight of the design itself.

How it will look: you place all your tools and necessary items inside the tool box, and you can place large parts or even entire structures on the lid and easily transport them. Transportation is carried out with the help of maneuverable wheels and a telescopic handle. The handle is long enough so you don’t have to bend over to the drawer.

Additionally, you can purchase and install a flashlight or even a padlock on the Klein Tools 55473RTB. By default, it is equipped with snap locks, which fix the cover in the closed position. There is also a design for attaching the double lock. In general, the Klein Tools 55473RTB is a great option for a slightly higher price, which will fail only with time – and then only because of the wear and tear of the fabric finishing tool box.

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage

Rigrid, like many other construction companies, is not limited solely to the manufacture of tools. They also sell storage cases, one of which is the RIDGID Professional Tool Storage. At first glance, this case seems huge and clumsy, but in reality, it is not at all.

The entire tool box is made of high-strength resin using plastic and metals. The whole construction is designed to work even in the most difficult conditions. Special off-road wheels have been selected for these operating conditions, as well as protection against water and dust – special seals are located wherever there could be open access to the environment.

The design itself is made up of 3 differently sized drawers, which are attached to the handle. The base of the handle resembles the handle of a suitcase, and its base is attached to the bottommost drawer. The wheels are also located on the bottom of the handle. But if you’re already running to order a RIDGID Professional Tool Storage and looking forward to ordering all your tools and moving them around with ease, you should know one thing. The handle of the entire design is large enough, and if you overload the boxes with heavy tools, it can easily break or fall off. If you want RIDGID Professional Tool Storage to last a long time, you should be more careful when using it.

All chests are completely different – parameters, depth, number of drawers and compartments. It is possible to buy some small, it is possible to get one huge – all depends on your convenience. All you have to do now is to measure the space in your garage, choose a model and you can immediately plan what things you put there! Order in life depends on the order in your things, remember.

FAQ for portable chest buyers

1. How do I know what size chest I need?

When you buy a new chest, you should first calculate how much space you would need in your storage space. You can use a small chest that will hold all your tools, or you can buy a very large chest with lots of compartments and drawers.

If you are going to install a chest on your desk, it is better to give preference to larger models. It is also worth paying attention to the number of your tools and how many compartments you would like to have inside your drawers.

2. Is it worth looking for a model with powder coating?

First, it is worth finding out what powder coating is. It is, in fact, a powder coating of polymers that are applied to steel. It is done in order to keep the chest much less dirty.

It is also worth noting that with powder coating, the surface retains color and paints for much longer. Polymers also increase the strength of the material, increase its service life.

3. Is there a difference between tool box and tool chest?

The difference between the two storage systems lies right in the name. Both chests and boxes can be portable and have wheels for transportation.  The most important difference between them is the volume of internal space.

Usually, the box is much smaller and is designed for you to always carry the tools with you or store them in your car.

The Tool chest is much better suited for those masters who store all their tools in the workplace or garage. You should agree that the tool chest is much harder to put in the car or in the trunk.

4. How can I clean the chest from dirt?

Some models of portable chests have no special protective coating. They are not protected against moisture and dust, so eventually you will need to clean it.

Any coating can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent. You can also use special wet wipes for cleaning. We would recommend that you clean the chest regularly to avoid making the surface too dirty.

5. What is a ball bearing design?

If you have used drawers before, it is worth noting that almost all of them work with ball bearing structures. These special small «wheels» help the drawer to move freely.

They are usually much faster and easier to pull out than other types of slides. We would recommend that you pay attention to whether chest drawers have such an addition.