9 Best Tool Cabinets for Your Garage

Storing small items, parts and compact tools such as hexagons and pocket wrenches can sometimes be problematic. Such items can’t be folded together with ordinary tools – as they can get lost in abundance of massive objects, you can’t put them in the back boxes and corners – so you just forget about them or can’t find them at the right time, and it’s not convenient to put them on shelves and stands.

In such cases, it is better to have a small chest of drawers or an organizer for everything that does not find a place among all things and building materials. To ensure that all the details are not mixed up with each other, it is worth keeping them organized and separate, but in an orderly manner and in one place. For this purpose, you can find a huge variety of tool cabinets in online stores. We decided to help you with the choice and picked up the 9 best products in this category.

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Our Top Pick
husky 4-drawer 33in4-Drawer Mechanics Tool Cart by Husky
  • Steel body
  • Several storage compartments for different types of instruments
  • Box locking lever
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Other great tool cabinets


Tactix 320636 39 Drawer Cabinet, Black/Orange

Plenty of small parts storage boxes.

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Apollo Tools 2-Drawer Heavy-Duty Steel Chest for Maximum Organization with Ball-Bearing Opening and Powder Coated Finish in Pink DT5010P

Bright little chest of drawers with bright instruments.

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Bulk Capacity 2pcs Rolling Tool Storage Cabinet Chest with Wheels and Drawers,Mobile Heavy-Duty Utility Cart Trolley,Lockable Detachable Metal Tool Box Organizer,with Liner Handle Hook

Massive tool chest for construction tools.

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Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Plastic tool chest for parts or needlework.

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WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

Mobile organizer with wheels.

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Giantex 2pc Mini Tool Chest & Cabinet Storage Tool Box Rolling Garage Toolbox Organizer with Top Chest and Sliding Drawers

Tool cabinet with slats on the outside.

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MaxWorks 80694 30-Bin Wall Mount Parts Rack/Storage for your Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Nails, Beads, Buttons, Other Small Parts

Handy organizer with open storage system.

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Goplus Rolling Tool Cart, Steel Sliding Drawer Tool Organizer, Black

Complete table for work and storage.

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4-Drawer Mechanics Tool Cart by Husky

Buyer rating: 5.0

In case you want to find a tool cabinet for storing fixtures and fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, door fasteners and sashes, you will like the option by Husky. It is a mobile storage device on wheels, which is made of metal and has a long service life. All drawers are made of painted steel, and the rollers complete the set come in two types – with and without brakes. The guides make the assembly process easier, so even if you’re not a repair professional, you won’t have to worry about it.

The whole construction consists of 3 main drawers and a bottom shelf. The shelf at the bottom has a flange stop so everything you put in there won’t fall out during transportation. The drawers are slightly different in size – their height increases from the top to the bottom. The upper compartment has 2 sections for more organized storage, and you can access each of the boxes separately. The drawers are mounted on ball bearings, which is why they can be moved.

In case you have a question about the spontaneous opening of parts, we can reassure you. All drawers are locked with a locking lever and the top cover has a lock.

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Tactix 320636 39 Drawer Cabinet

Buyer rating: 4.8

Hobbies in handicrafts, jewelry, or other areas where small parts are required to be handled require careful storage and workspace management. For example, storing all the beads or bolts in one large container is uncomfortable because you lose order and sort of things. Tactix offers you to arrange everything as you like, and has even developed a suitable option for this purpose.

The Tactix Drawer Cabinet is a huge set of small plastic compartments, where you can easily fill each of them with unnecessary trinkets or, on the contrary, with the small parts you need. The entire organizer is made of good quality plastic, so you won’t have the feeling of breakage every time you use it. Each drawer has its own separate access through the plastic lid. You have a total of 30 very small drawers – they are ideal for storing really small or piece things. Also in the lower section there are 9 larger drawers – for other things that don’t fit into smaller ones.

Perhaps at first, you’ll think that the entire organizer may fall off if you move around awkwardly or even just when you need something. In fact, if you fill it out, Tactix will never accidentally fall under the weight of an item. By the way, there is some advice when using it: if you sometimes need to find a part quickly, it is worth marking or signing boxes. So search will be considerably accelerated when it is necessary.

Apollo Tools DT5010P

Buyer rating: 4.3

This tool chest attracts the attention of buyers from the first seconds with its appearance. It is available in pink. It is clear that the target audience is girls, but do not jump to conclusions, because regardless of the color cabinet has the same set of equipment.

The main two colors are black and pink. It looks like a small chest of drawers, where girls can hide their trinkets and cosmetics, but in reality, it is not like that. The company Apollo includes a nice roulette and in general, produces many other tools for repair. If you want you can buy all the tools that you can only ever use. Yes, all kits are in pink.

The tool cabinet itself consists of two drawers, which can be opened smoothly by means of a ball bearing design. Under the top cover there is also a storage compartment for small items and other tools. In order to prevent the contents of the drawers from rolling away, the manufacturer has equipped them with special anti-slip mats. The body itself is made of high-quality metal, painted with good paint – it does not come off during the first months of use. Such a box is convenient to use for storage and carrying of your household tools – from roulettes to hammers and nails.

It is also worth noting that the company Apollo with the proceeds from each tool cabinet you purchased allocates money to the fund to fight various diseases. By purchasing their products, you can also stay with the feeling that you have done a good deed and helped the sick.

Bulk Capacity Tool Storage Cabinet

Buyer rating: 5.0

In case you think that small portable boxes are not suitable for you and simply do not fit all those items that you want to fit there – there are also larger options for your tool cabinets. One such option is this Bulk Capacity Tool Storage. It is massive and spacious enough, and is also available in two colors – black and red – for ordering and buying. The set of chest is large enough and is designed for more construction or household tools.

It can be divided into 2 parts – the upper small drawers and the lower, more spacious part. In the upper part there are 3 small drawers for small objects and 2 drawers of different heights on the same level – the lower one is the highest in this area. As expected, they are pulled out using a ball bearing design that should be lubricated periodically. The bottom part consists of two drawers and one drawer with a door that closes with a key if necessary. If you’re worried that some items may be missing, use it safely for storage.

The wheels on the bottom of the chassis can withstand even the heaviest weight of a loaded chest. Side hooks are attached to the sides of the case, which you can use while working to place the tools you need. You can place the Bulk Capacity Tool Storage not only in the garage or somewhere in the basement, but also in the living area of the room or even in the kitchen – thanks to quality materials, the entire tool cabinet looks stylish and fits into any interior, especially the model in black.

Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Buyer rating: 4.0

Fans of needlework, embroidery, knitting and even beading are always looking for containers for their tools and materials. Small crates, easy accessibility, small size of chest and quality materials – these are the main requirements of customers. The Stack-On DS-22 fits these parameters perfectly. Since the body and the filling itself are made of plastic, the price of this item is low, which ensures accessibility to the target audience. In general, it is worth noting that the entire body is quite concise and not striking. You can easily place the Stack-On DS-22 on your desk or even on a shelf in the living room.

The tool cabinet consists of 8 large and 12 small drawers. Each of them is ribbed, allowing easy access to each of the drawers. As with many such designs, you may need to mark each of the drawers. But there are a few warnings to make. You can easily remove each of the drawers from the build, but it may not be possible to insert them back in. The plastic is thin enough so you can even accidentally break one of the drawers. So we do not recommend using the Stack-On DS-22 for heavy bolts, nuts or other building iron parts. If you buy a tool chest for light or plastic objects, it is the ideal option at a low cost.

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WEN 73015 Garage Tool Chest

Buyer rating: 4.0

In case you have a long or extensive repair work to do, or if you are directly involved with repair and tools, WEN 73015 is the right choice for you. It is a complete garage organizer, where you can store literally everything you need in the process. In order for you to move it easily, it is equipped with four rollers that rotate in all directions.

Especially WEN 73015 will be appreciated by those who are used to working sitting down or just can’t stand on their feet or bend over for a long time. You get a full stool, which is equipped with drawers and other things for storage. There are 2 magnetic stands on the sides of the stool, which may seem strange at first – “how to use them?

Everything is very simple – these stands can be used to store any small metal parts for short periods of time. For example, you can put all the bolts, nuts and nails you need to access them as quickly as possible. Boxes are also easy to open right in the process of repair. They are large enough for you to put your tools in. Of course, you should consider that the entire tool cabinet is not very large, but it has enough capacity for the basic or necessary set of tools.

With WEN 73015, you can be sure that you don’t have to get up all the time to get the right tool. It is worth noting a nice bonus – the entire tool chest is finished with a moisture-resistant material for durability, but there are also small flaws. For example, over time, the boxes may close worse or not to the end. It’s easy to fix, however, when you buy a quality product, you don’t expect to refine it or fix it.

Giantex Mini Tool Chest

Buyer rating: 3.6

This tool chest may remind you of another representative in our ranking, Bulk Capacity Tool Storage with wheels and drawers. They are really very similar in appearance, and in terms of functionality we can say the same. But in fact, there are also significant differences – both in price and material and the design itself. Giantex can be divided into 2 main parts – the upper and lower parts. In the top, we get 3 drawers on ball bearings and a drawer, which you can access with the top cover. Each of the drawers on the bottom is finished with an anti-slip material – it prevents the tools from moving freely during transport.

The bottom part is a locker with a door. Inside, after opening, we see a shelf that divides it into 2 parts. This way you can organize the space not only in the garage itself, but also inside the tool chest. The design can be disassembled into upper and lower parts, so if necessary you can use the upper part as a portable toolbox. On the outside of the walls, there are rails on which you can hang other objects and tools. But if you expect to get a full wardrobe in your garage, then you’re wrong.

Giantex is a small tool chest that can be used as a nightstand in your basement or workshop. If you do not possess a huge arsenal of tools, then you easily put everything in it. But if you are a professional or just have a collection of hammers, for example, it is worth considering larger models.

MaxWorks 80694

Buyer rating: 4.0

MaxWorks 80694 helps you to store all bolts, nuts, screws and other fasteners in a more convenient way in the open access. It’s a unique set of small shelves, but a little bit in a new format. Each of the sectors has “partitions” that prevent content from falling or getting lost.

The set includes drawers of different sizes. In total, you get 18 small shelves and 12 larger shelves. In fact, their sizes are the same, but this is important and convenient if you store fasteners of different sizes. They also differ in color – which also makes it much easier to find.

MaxWorks 80694 is easily attached to a wall or wall of a cabinet or other worktop. Because the drawers do not have lids and do not close, the tool chest is designed for a vertically defined position. It is worth noting a few features.

Most likely, you will fix it with metal parts. Keep in mind that the plastic of which the tool cabinet is made is very fragile and can crack or break at all if the pressure is too high. Despite this feature, MaxWorks easily withstands the weight of all parts, even when the shelves and drawers are full.

Goplus Rolling Tool Cart

Buyer rating: 4.5

Ordering Goplus Rolling Tool Cart, you get not just a locker for storing tools and trifles, but a full-fledged table. The top surface allows you to carry out any actions on it or even the real assemblage of pieces of furniture. The entire trolley is made of black solid steel, which guarantees its durability. The Tool cabinet is designed in such a way that you can store items both inside the drawers and on the bottom accessible shelf. For example, parts or tools can be stored there for short periods of time. Like many of the chests presented in this article, the Goplus Rolling Tool Cart has wheels – 2 of which are movable and 2 fixed.

Also in the Goplus Rolling Tool Cart there are 2 drawers, a drawer located under the lid – the work surface slides apart and you get access to it. For example, it stores drawings and instructions conveniently in the drawer. For solid and large tools, there is a bottom compartment. The portable handle makes it easy for you to transport, so you don’t have to put a lot of effort into carrying the trolley. The total load capacity is about 350 lbs, which is more than enough for storing tools.

One thing you should note is that you may be embarrassed after purchase. The smell that comes from the Goplus Rolling Tool Cart is a bit specific. It is caused by the material itself and the paint used in production. Once you put the cart into operation, the smell will disappear almost immediately, so do not be afraid and throw away the new tool chest.

Once you’ve seen the best tool cabinets, it will be much easier for you to make your choice. For starters, determine the purpose for which you buy it – the storage of parts, bolts and nails, or small tools for the hobby and home. In our rating we tried to choose the best products for any purpose – both universal and specific organizers. Price, rating, quality and availability – all these is the key criteria in the choice, and since you can now clearly compare all these indicators, it is only a matter of paying for your order!

FAQ for tool cabinet buyers

1. Do the interior partitions in the drawers matter?

Some tool cabinet models have special limiters or additional dividers inside each box. This is done so that you can further organize the storage system. Whether you need them personally depends on the size of your tools and what you intend to store inside.

If you are going to use a storage system for small parts such as hexagons, bolts and nuts, then you need to pay attention to the presence of partitions. If you are going to put hammers and saws in drawers, you do not need them at all.

2. What kind of finish should the tool cabinet have?

The finishing is also dependent on the material used to make a particular tool chest. The most common material is metal. It is durable and strong enough for you to use your tools for years to come.

Usually metal tool cabinets are coated with a special paint or protective coating. It prevents premature corrosion and protects against damage. Plastic tool cabinets are less durable and usually have no additional finish.

3. How do I organize storage and transfer of all tools?

The very first thing you should do after purchasing a tool cabinet is to assess whether all your tools and parts will really fit inside. If so, we suggest you get down to business.

First, you will have to clean all tools and boxes, and then adjust the tools to the size of the parts for specific boxes. If the tool cabinet is smaller than you expected, we recommend that you determine which tools are better to put in there. It is more rational to organize small parts first.

4. Can I store food inside such boxes?

Although you can eat while working, it is not recommended to leave food next to the tools. You may think that small snacks will not hurt the overall storage system, but you can simply forget about them. Food that is lying next to your tools can cause damage and corrosion. It is also worth noting that these dressers are designed specifically for storing work tools such as nuts, screwdrivers and so on. Even more so because the drawers will not keep the necessary temperature inside.

5. What is the difference between tool chest and tool cabinet?

Tool chest is actually a safe deposit box for tools. Usually they are large enough and have a lot of free space for storage. Since the massive size does not allow you to carry chest with you all the time, it can be considered a stationary storage system.

The tool cabinet, on the other hand, is designed to be permanently close to the master. They are easy to take with you on the road or to keep your belongings in mobile access. To increase the storage size, it is recommended to install the tool cabinet over a standard tool cabinet.