8 Best Moisture Meters

Depending on the terrain and region where you live, you may be exposed to completely different types of moisture. For example, coastal residents have no idea what a dry or arid climate is. Of course, the humidity of the environment affects not only people, but everything that surrounds them.

When building houses, buildings and structures, you should consider the environmental conditions. In addition to wind, rain and humidity, there are also characteristics of the material itself. For example, it is quite difficult to find a living and dry tree – it is almost incompatible concepts.

In order to measure the level of moisture in the material, moisture meters were created. They help builders to check the wood, for example, bought in the store – because not always the marking corresponds to the actual level of moisture. Also with the help of moisture meters you can check the buds of plants and crops, monitor the health of flowers and much more. In general, it is possible to find for them application in any sphere of life – it only remains to choose the best variant for purchase.

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Our Top Pick
general tools mmd4eGeneral Tools MMD4E
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Acoustic signal to indicate
  • Big numbers on the screen
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Other great moisture meters


Ryobi E49MM01

Precise enough measurements without the use of probes.

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Calculated Industries 7445

Audio signals for notification of humidity level.

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Dr.meter MD918

Non-contact sensor for the most delicate types of wood.

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Built-in flashlight for indication even in dark areas.

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Protimeter BLD5365

Possibility to work in display and analysis modes.

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MEP Tramex

A professional, expensive tool to get the right data.

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General Tools MMD950

Device with battery capacity for long term use.

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General Tools MMD4

Buyer rating: 4,3

Measurements can be made using a special “stylus”, a metal rod that can be easily inserted into the material and sampled for moisture. General Tools MMD4E works just like that – the 2 small and sharp rods located at the end of the device will help you to know the humidity level inside any material. It can be a small wet section of the wall or a fresh piece of plasterboard or clay.

The pins are made of stainless steel and can hardly be damaged by the materials they work with. You can check various materials, and General Tools MMD4E will give you accurate moisture levels. For wood the device works in the range from 5 to 50%, and for building materials like drywall – from 1.5 to 33%. The end of the sample is indicated by an audible signal, which means that General Tools MMD4E has found moisture in the material.

All readings are displayed on the device’s LCD display. The letters and numbers are large enough to be seen even by the visually impaired. If necessary, you can record the readings on the screen – for example, if you need to show them to someone or record them. The device is powered by a 9-volt battery. You can use the battery indicator to determine if it needs to be recharged.

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Ryobi E49MM01

Buyer rating: 4,3

However, if you’re afraid of devices with pins or probes, you can rest easy – the Ryobi E49MM01 does not use them in its work. Since there are no sharp tips on the device, you can use it with very smooth or fragile surfaces without damaging or destroying them.

Despite the absence of pins, the Ryobi E49MM01 can still measure humidity up to 0.5 inches deep into the material. It is worth noting that this moisture meter is not the most powerful in terms of performance – in general, its performance can reach up to 30% for both wood and building materials. It is very easy to use: you just need to hold the sensor on top of the material you want to test. All the indicators will appear on the LCD display.

In addition to the visual display, there are also audible signals. High-frequency tones also give you information about where moisture accumulates. Of course, this does not give you the information in numbers, but if you need to find a leak, it is a great option.

You can work with the Ryobi E49MMM01 up to a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to interrupt your work even in the heat – you shouldn’t use it in the sauna, of course. For ordinary construction work, the device is perfect, especially if you do not care about the indicators themselves, but just the fact that there is moisture in the material.

Calculated Industries 7445

Buyer rating: 4,4

Calculated Industries 7445 easily combines both stylus-based and stylus-free measurements. You can also quickly check a large area without damaging it by simply using the pinless pad function. This way you can easily check entire wooden sheets for moisture. This way you not only check but also guarantee the quality of your future design – dry materials are less susceptible to deformation and splitting.

As with many moisture meters, Calculated Industries 7445 has a large LED display that shows all the information received by the sensors. In addition to the numbers, you get additional audio signals that also inform you about the humidity level – low, medium or high. Measurement accuracy can have an accuracy of 3%, but more often than not, it is much less accurate.

What about the power of the moisture meter itself? It runs on a standard 9-volt battery. If you do not use the Calculated Industries 7445 for a long time, it turns off automatically to save power. You can use it as soon as you take it out of the package – just remove the cap and start measuring. The kit includes an alkaline battery that will not need to be replaced for a long time. This is a great option for home use if you allow small measurement errors.

Dr.meter MD918

Buyer rating: 4,3

Each type of wood requires specific conditions for measurement. For example, some species are more brittle and easily scattered with sawdust, while others are similar in texture to stone and have almost no dipstick. For each of the Dr.meter MD918 rocks, the instructions contain certain conditions for moisture testing and other additional measurements. You will be immediately notified of low voltage during operation.

When buying materials, you can check the percentage of moisture in the material directly in the shop without damaging it, as the sensor of the moisture meter is non-contact. High-frequency magnetic waves pass through the material, taking measurements and receiving data. The information obtained will be displayed on the LED display.

Dr.meter MD918 operates in temperature compensation mode, which means that the material under test is held at the same temperature for about five minutes. As with Calculated Industries 7445, the device switches off after 5 minutes at rest.

As for the accuracy of the measurements, this is not the best option. On thin boards, measurement waves pass through the material and begin to measure air slightly. Thus, thin boards are always measured with lower humidity. However, if you use it incredibly seldom, or for rare purchases, it is generally the right choice for you. If you want to measure everything with great accuracy, you should consider other options.


Buyer rating: 4,3

Sometimes you have to work in hard-to-reach or darkened places that you cannot reach with a flashlight. In this case, SAM-PRO Dual will help you – the device has a flashlight and perfectly illuminates even the most hidden corners and slits. And if you want to know the humidity and temperature of the environment, the moisture meter will be able to do it – it includes an air temperature sensor and a humidity tester.

The protective cap hides the two pins that need to be inserted into the material to be measured. In total, you can work in 4 different modes. To get started, you need to bare the pins, select the desired material in the menu, insert them into the material itself and the display will immediately show the moisture level inside. The display itself is illuminated, so you can see the data even in the dark. The device comes with a 9-volt battery, a case for SAM-PRO Dual, as well as instructions.

The instructions contain all the materials that you can test with the moisture meter. This list includes more than 100 types of materials, so you can easily check all the basic building materials. The humidity level is incredibly important in the construction and renovation process, so don’t neglect it!

Protimeter BLD5365

Buyer rating: 4,2

It may be important for you to have moisture – for example, after a pipe leak, excessive moisture in the walls or flooding. The Protimeter BLD5365 operates in two modes – detection mode and analysis mode. In the first case, you simply look for moisture above a certain level – for example, the slot in the pipe itself or the main leak – and in the second, you get more accurate data and moisture levels.

The readings inside walls, wood and other materials are important. The Protimeter BLD5365 can easily carry out all measurements at depths up to 2 centimeters and all the data obtained will be as accurate as with direct measurement. You can also measure the moisture content of a material at the same distance – almost an inch before it comes into contact with an object. This distinguishes it from the simpler models – the material and moisture meter of the Protimeter BLD5365 do not have to interact at all.

This is what justifies the price. If you try to order some of the moisture meters presented in the rating, you will immediately notice that the Protimeter BLD5365 is much more expensive. This is justified both by the quality of the instrument itself and the accuracy of its measurements.

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MEP Tramex

Buyer rating: 4,2

One more rather expensive variant of the moisture meter, intended mainly for work by professionals. In the product name, the manufacturer focuses your attention on some features of the tool – “Non Destructive Encounter Plus Moisture Meter”. Even if you were looking for a moisture meter yourself and it would be important for you not to touch or destroy the material, you would come across it.

Despite the fact that this moisture meter is made of plastic, it looks like an incredibly strong tool. MEP Tramex easily works with different materials, and with its help you can immediately build a kind of “map” of walls, floors or any other material in parallel. Dynamically, you can immediately build and identify areas of high or low humidity and already starting from these indicators to make repairs or just replace the material.

Being guided by thoughts that the expensive tool will precisely measure all qualitatively and precisely, you risk making a mistake. In fact, MEP Tramex can give you the wrong data. In practice, it may turn out that the readings you get when measuring the moisture content of drywall or concrete are incorrect. However, you will not experience any problems when working with wood. So the price cannot always guarantee you an impeccable result, it is worth considering when buying.

General Tools MMD950

Buyer rating: 3,6

At first glance, the device may seem a little strange and funny. A ball that makes the instrument look like an alien and a body that resembles an old mobile phone are combined into one moisture meter.

The ball is a sensor that can measure up to 4 inches deep in the material and at a distance from it, and the contact mode uses a cable to obtain the data. The fact that you can use a pluggable cable with pins allows you to sample at some distance from the device itself – this is convenient if you need to measure something at height or in a narrow place.

In addition to the readings you get from the measurement results on the device display, you can see all the readings on the LDE color bar graph. You may find this to be a better way to see it or a better way to show it. After taking samples, you can keep the data on the display for a while if you need it. It is also possible to control the sounds emitted by the device – for example, to switch them off or turn them on.

The battery of the General Tools MMD950 is quite powerful and will last a long time. If the device starts to run down, you will also receive a notification about it. To save money, you can turn on the automatic shutdown function after a certain time of rest of the tool.

If you will be convenient to use histograms, and as it is required to measure periodically humidity of environment, instead of only any materials, General Tools MMD950 becomes your true assistant and the irreplaceable device for use at home – for example, periodic check of walls and a floor.

Of course, many people can say that this is not a necessary purchase, and in general quite useless device. Yes, your life will not depend on it directly. But imagine if you use unsuitable materials for repairs or construction? Wet wood can begin to rot right inside the structure, leading to its complete destruction.

Whether you buy a moisture meter or not is entirely your own business, but if you’re a gardener, florist, or working with wet materials, it won’t be a useless purchase. We have chosen the best moisture meter representatives for you, which can be found on the market now – don’t hesitate, just choose and order right away.

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FAQ for moisture meter buyers

1. What does a humidity meter do?

The application of the device can be found out directly from the name – you can really measure the humidity of any material with it. Usually, such an instrument can be found in the belt arsenal of any builder and designer.

Any professional knows that excess moisture leads to the expansion and deformation of materials, which can ruin all the work. The moisture meter can work not only with wood but also with concrete, drywall and many other materials.

2. Do I have to choose the material whose humidity I am going to measure?

Each moisture meter model has its own list of materials to work with. Some of them are designed to work exclusively with wood, while others are more versatile.

The device itself automatically detects the material you are measuring. You do not need to switch any settings or change the values of the moisture meter itself. During operation, moisture is measured as a function of density.

3. What is better – pin or pinless moisture meters?

There are two main types of moisture meters on the market – pin and pinless. We think you understand what their main difference is. Those people who have children are more likely to worry that pins can harm their child.

It is worth noting that many devices have special caps to protect pins. Of course, without pins, the device is technological, but in fact, measurements are more accurate with penetration or in contact with the material.

4. How do I know if I have a moisture problem in my home?

If you have encountered mildew in a bathroom or garage, you definitely have a moisture problem. Especially if you have used materials such as wood or drywall in your building, there is a high probability of excessive moisture.

Leaky pipes can also cause moisture problems. Initially, you may not give them any meaning, or even pay attention. In any case, it is better to take care of yourself and check all surfaces in your home that may be exposed to water.

5. Do you have to be a builder to use a humidity meter?

Of course not! If you just want to monitor the condition of your house, garage or apartment, you should carry out periodic room checks. Insulation cannot always work properly – and that can let you down at the most inappropriate moment.

In addition, if you decide to build your own shelves in your garage or shelving unit, you will just need to check the materials before you work.