10 Best Car Battery Charges

Cars are an integral part of our lives in today’s world. We travel long enough, travel, save time and are generally more mobile. Transport, even if it is public, allows us to avoid walking long distances, and also makes it possible to move between settlements.

We all know that cars do not move on their own. To do so, they need some resources in the form of fuel or other energy. It can be natural gas, petrol, diesel and, due to recent developments, even electricity. However, fuel is not enough to drive the machine. You need a source that will start all the processes – in most cases, it’s a battery. Many cars are powered by batteries, and we know that they tend to run down.

When you buy a car, it’s worth checking with your dealer about how long your battery will last and how best to charge it. If you’ve just had a problem recharging, we can help you. We’ve made a selection of the top 10 battery chargers for cars and are ready to tell you a little bit about each of them.

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Our Top Pick
battery tender plus 12vBattery Tender Plus 12V
  • Rapid charging
  • The set immediately has the necessary clamps
  • Progress indicators
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Other great car battery charges


NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V

Universal battery for devices of different capacities.

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Schumacher SC1358

Monitoring of all battery voltage during recharging.

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Foval Automatic Trickle

Works even with unattended batteries.

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Schumacher SC1305

Maintain optimal voltage even for the most dead batteries.

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CTEK (56-158) MULTI US 3300

4 steps of the charging process.

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BMK 12V 5A

Compact portable device.

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DieHard 71219

3 connector options even for older devices.

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Protected housing against moisture, dust and weather conditions.

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Battery Tender 12 Volt Junior

Battery diagnosis and recovery capability.

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Battery Tender Plus 12V

Buyer rating: 4.5

After reading the device name, you can immediately ask the question “Why Plus? Is it more powerful than the previous model or just larger?” Indeed, Battery Tender Plus is an improved model of its “junior” copy. The manufacturer says it’s 50% more powerful and can charge your battery much faster. One of the main factors and characteristics of the device is that it is able to maintain the best voltage even after a full charge without hurting or destroying the battery – unlike many other chargers.

It is powered by 12 volts and is a 1.25-ampere device. It will charge your battery faster than a similar 3 amp model. Charging is done with the help of the clips that come with the kit and the Battery Tender Ring terminals. Charging can be done at a reasonable distance – the length of the AC cable is 6 feet. The only drawback that can be noted from the entire package is the size of the Crocodile terminals. It would be much more convenient if they were larger.

The user is protected from electric shock by indicators. They flash to show the charging process. Also, when you buy it, you are guaranteed for 10 years, but there is a trick to it. For warranty service, you will need to pay a certain amount of money for your battery to be diagnosed, that is, to establish the cause of the malfunction. Otherwise, it’s a great charger that will quickly and efficiently handle your battery, and you’ll understand the principle of control intuitively.

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NOCO Genius G3500

Buyer rating: 4.3

Versatility is one of the main characteristics for any technique. The NOCO Genius G3500 can charge boats, cars, tractors and many other vehicles up to 120 AMP-hours. The same versatility lies in the fact that this charger can work with many types of batteries – 6 or 12 volts, lead-acid, gel and many other types. In any case, as a result, you will get a fully charged device, not overheated and not damaged. Advanced charging technology prevents recharging of the battery and fully controls the entire process.

For users, there is intrinsically safe technology and reverse polarity protection. So you don’t risk getting hurt when you use it. Speaking of the process of use, it is intuitive and visually understandable. You can also diagnose batteries for damage and defects, even in low-voltage models.

The NOCO Genius G3500 also optimizes your battery. During the charging process it stabilizes its chemical composition, thus prolonging its service life. The only drawback you may encounter is that the NOCO Genius G3500 does not work with flat batteries, even with its versatility.

Schumacher SC1358

Buyer rating: 4.4

Battery charging and maintenance are slightly different concepts that require different qualities. The Schumacher SC1358 has 10 volts for charging the battery and 3 volts for direct maintenance. Since you are not always a specialist and cannot know exactly what kind of battery charger and what type of battery charger you need, we recommend that you clarify this before you buy it.

The Schumacher SC1358 is designed to work with AGM, deep charging and standard batteries. If you need something from this list, buy it safely and you won’t regret it. The device is in the middle price range and will not affect your budget very much.

The Schumacher SC1358 has a feature. It turns off the charging process and starts to control the battery voltage. If you hold it in this state for a long time and the battery starts to run down again, the device will automatically turn on for refueling. It also switches off automatically after 12 hours of continuous charging. If you need more, just restart the process. It’s worth noting that the Schumacher SC1358 is designed exclusively to recharge batteries, not to charge fully discharged models.

If you keep an eye on the charge level and don’t let it fall below 50%, it’s a good option. It’s also worth considering that it can become a little hot when charging continuously. This will not be enough to prevent you from holding it in your hand, but it will immediately become clear that the device does not have a cooling system.

Foval Automatic Trickle

Buyer rating: 4.5

In case you have more than one vehicle at a time or need to charge batteries from more than one model, the Foval Automatic Trickle is the perfect solution. It is a universal charger that protects the battery as much as possible during the charging process and is suitable for all vehicles. You can easily handle maintenance-free and sealed batteries such as AGMs, lead-acid batteries and other battery models. Small in size, it is suitable for both boats and ATVs as well as powerful SUVs.

If your vehicle runs on a 12-volt battery, you can easily connect to it using the ring and connectors provided with the device. Of course, it won’t be able to recharge your dead battery, but you’ll be able to recharge your device for sure. The charging process is fully controlled by the Foval Automatic Trickle, you can only see the indicators in the process. You’ll instinctively know when your battery is fully charged and ready to use.

During the charging process, the Foval Automatic Trickle continuously monitors the condition of the battery by means of the infinite ISM monitoring. You can just plug it in and forget about it for a while! The device monitors how you start charging – the Foval Automatic Trickle checks to see if everything is properly connected to prevent sparks and ignition, prevents overvoltage and monitors current surges. Your battery will not be damaged in any way when using this device.

Schumacher SC1305

Buyer rating: 4.1

It would seem that it is impossible to restore almost a dead battery. But with the help of the Schumacher SC1305 you can cope even with this seemingly impossible task. In the instruction manual for the device you will get a full description of the steps you need to take to do this. Many people would have bought a new battery a long time ago!

The Schumacher SC1305 has a microprocessor-based charging control that allows you to fully control the amount of current entering the battery to maintain optimal condition. Up to 12 amps are available for fast and full battery charging, so you can spend a minimum of time recharging. Float mode maintains optimal voltage, and the multi-stage charging process guarantees you optimal battery life. The device itself gradually reduces the charging speed as the battery is recharged, which extends the battery life.

Although the Schumacher SC1305 housing is made of steel, it is still lightweight. This allows you to transport it easily and even carry it with you at all times. You can also leave it plugged into any battery for any length of time – the battery will be fully charged when you get back to it and will definitely not be overcharged or overheated.

CTEK (56-158) MULTI US 3300

Buyer rating: 4.5

In addition to the standard battery charge, car enthusiasts often need the initial diagnosis of their device. The CTEK MULTI US 3300 features a four-stage charging system that also diagnoses and even maintains your battery for maximum battery life. You can charge your battery in all conditions – the battery charger has a dust, moisture and dirt protection system, so it can operate in all conditions, even the most extreme and low temperatures in winter.

The impulse charging process is an innovative and patented mode that gently restores your battery even if it is connected for a long time. It is also protected against short-circuits or power surges, and reverse polarity protection also contributes to its versatility and ease of use in a variety of vehicles. The user does not have to worry about his safety and the safety of the battery. You receive a limited warranty of 5 years and can easily contact the service center in case of malfunction or problems.

The small size allows you to use the CTEK MULTI US 3300 with all cars in the family. It also has thin wires, so you can even close the hood of the car without damaging it, but by simply clamping the seals. If connected incorrectly, the device will also alert you by turning on the red indicator. When the CTEK is fully charged, the MULTI US 3300 will automatically enter the maintenance phase and, if necessary, will even be able to restore the balance in the battery and its power supply.


Buyer rating: 4.3

In case you have not discharged your battery by more than 75%, you can easily use the BMK Smart Battery Charger. It works with 15-100 Ah batteries, so for efficient charging, make sure that its capacity is more than 15 Ah. Small in weight and size, it weighs less than 16 ounces and is easy to move from place to place, and you can carry it with you in the countryside and on your travels. This is due to the fact that the BMK 5A can work with cars as well as motorboats and motorcycles.

Charging is done in 4 stages using a special technology. The steps are easily tracked by LEDs. If you have noticed that your battery remains in 2 steps even after 24 hours of charging, you can conclude that the battery is faulty. The battery charger can make a small diagnosis of your batteries, making desulphation, for example.

As many people know, desulphation is often the cause of breakdowns and malfunctions. The BMK works most effectively in the 12 to 60 Ah range – this way, the energy consumption of the battery itself is maintained and its service life is extended. Included in the kit are quick-connect harnesses. In general, the connection and disconnection will take you a few seconds. There is also a built-in security timer – charging automatically turns off after 72 hours of use.

BMK provides you with a lifetime warranty and constant maintenance of the device, but as practice shows, there are problems with this. The most common defect is the heating of the device. But, as a rule, service centers do not fix it and leave you the device in the same form as you gave it away.

DieHard 71219

Buyer rating: 4.3

4 levels of charging, as it seems no longer surprising for you. The DieHard 71219 works with 5 charging stages that are more accurate and provide battery monitoring. All the features of your battery are supported to prevent overcharging and wear and tear. If your battery runs low again after a while, the DieHard 71219 will automatically reactivate.

As with many other chargers, there is a float-controlled voltage control when charging. The kit includes a quick release harness with clips and a plug for devices with a fixed ring connector, as well as a Quick Connect motorcycle cord. It has 3 connector options – plug, ring connectors and clamps. It’s worth noting that all the harness lengths are short, and if you need to charge at some distance, you’ll have to buy the right length of wires yourself. The clips and ring connectors are also designed for modern models and are not designed to recharge old and massive devices.

With the DieHard 71219, you can rest assured that the system will not damage your battery. It only runs on 2 amps, so you avoid the danger of battery fuses burning out. It is worth noting that the DieHard 71219 is a jet charger, which means that the whole process will take you a long time. At the same time, the battery charger is cheap, so if you want to save money and are not focused on time, it will be a good purchase.


Buyer rating: 4.1

The BLACK + DECKER BC2WBD is compatible with many of the most common types of batteries in cars. It has a fully sealed body that is protected from water and dust, and is also able to withstand the direct impact of weather conditions without damage.

In addition to protection against external factors, the charger has built-in protection against overcharging, voltage surges, short-circuits and other technical problems.

Charging is done at high frequencies. This means you can leave the BLACK+DECKER BC2WBD connected for an unlimited time and it will keep your device charged – whether it’s a boat, car or even a lawnmower. For high performance, even with extension cords, it can compensate for the low AC voltage.

The kit includes 3 battery kits for various battery connections for maintenance, charging and diagnostics. These are terminals, O-rings and DC plugs.

The latter is perfect when you want to charge your car’s battery right inside without having to pull it out or pack your hands. You just need to plug it in and you can assume that the charging process has already started. Small and convenient, the BLACK+DECKER BC2WBD will take its place among your tools or even in the trunk of your car after purchase.

Battery Tender 12 Volt Junior

Buyer rating: 4.6

We already had a Battery Tender in our ranking. This model is his “little brother”, so it is a simpler and more affordable model. Despite this, the device has all the necessary functions and features of the charger. One of the great features of the Battery Tender 12 Volt Junior is that it extends the life of your battery while saving you money on buying a new one.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to charge a fully discharged battery with it. The Battery Tender Junior is more designed to service and diagnose batteries in order to provide you with timely maintenance and information on their condition. Like the more advanced model, it automatically goes into output voltage monitoring mode to ensure that your battery is not overcharged. When the Battery Tender Junior drops, it will reactivate itself again.

In the kit you get Fused Ring Terminal Harness and Alligator Clips for more traditional connection. The manufacturer also gives you a 5-year warranty and you can contact the company at any time. In fact, you’ll get help or get the device changed! With the Battery Tender Junior, you get full control over the security of your connection and charging, as well as complete peace of mind when you leave your battery connected for a long time.

It’s rare to find car enthusiasts who know exactly how their car is designed. Most often, people just use it as a comfortable way to move around, without even thinking about the possibility of maintaining the parts themselves. The battery allows you to always start up and go on the road in all weather conditions.

Do not forget about such an important detail of your car. Discharged at the wrong time, the battery can ruin all your plans. To prevent this from happening, you just need to buy a battery charger. We’ve tried to find completely different models for you, designed to work with different batteries and devices. All you have to do at the moment is find out what type of battery you have and how much you’re willing to spend.

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FAQ for car battery charger buyers

1. What is a car battery charger?

A car battery charger is a special device that will help you restore the battery power. Contrary to its name, it may be more versatile and suitable for charging motorcycles, motorboats and scooters.

The car battery charger connects to the car battery, then to electricity. Remember that any battery will eventually need to be recharged, and if you do not want to buy a replacement every time, it will be more rational to use the charger.

2. How can I use this device?

After purchasing and before using the charger, it is important to know exactly how you should use it. Working directly with wires, electricity and voltage can be dangerous, so you will have to read the instructions first.

The first step is to connect the battery directly to the charger, and only at the very end should you connect it to electricity. Before connecting it to the mains, make sure you have finished connecting the wires and clips.

3. Can I use the car battery charger to recover a fully discharged battery?

All batteries have their own service life and warranty period. If your battery has been running for several years, it is likely that it will no longer be recoverable even with the best battery chargers.

If your battery is almost completely discharged due to your forgetfulness – for example, if your car stayed running all night or you forgot to turn off your headlights – then of course, the charger will help you restore even the most discharged battery.

4. What kind of clamps do I need and how do I determine this?

The biggest question that users have are clamps. Usually, there are several different types of clamps included with the car charger. If you do not know which clamp is better to use, do not connect the charger at random.

In that case, you had better find out which clamps are suitable for your battery – just check this information online. You should also always remember to connect the positive to the positive and the negative to the negative – the designations are on the charger and the battery.

5. Is it better to buy a massive device or a portable one?

You will need to decide in which situations you will need a car battery charger. In case you are constantly on the road and on business trips, of course, you will need to take this charger with you.

In this case, it is better to give preference to a portable model, which will be easy to carry and transport. Larger units are better stored in a garage or storage room so you can use them at home if needed.