7 Best Garage Storage Drawers Reviews

Keeping your garage organized can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of tools and equipment. Garage storage drawers are a great way to keep your belongings tidy and accessible. A great companion to storage drawers can be the Best Tool Cabinets for Your Garage, which is a better way to organize the tools in your garage.

When choosing garage storage drawers, it is important to consider the size and weight of the items you will be storing and the amount of space you have available. You should also think about how often you will be accessing the drawers, and whether you need them to be lockable.

Gladiator GearBox Rolling Tool Chest1


  • Sturdy Steel
  • 100-Pound Capacity Drawers
  • Lockable Top Compartment
  • Locking Casters


  • Investment Price
  • Bulk and Weight
  • Customization Needs

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            Akro-Mils Stackable Drawer Cabinet2


            • Versatility
            • Stackable Design
            • Clear Drawers
            • Dividers
            • Mobility


            • Weight Capacity
            • Limited Lockability
            • Susceptibility to Scratches
            • Limited Customization
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            Homestyles Dolly Madison3


            • Classic Appeal
            • Cushioned Comfort
            • Durable Construction
            • Variety of Options
            • Neutral Color Palette


            • Traditional Style
            • Potential Fabric Concerns
            • Cost Factor
            • Limited Customization
            • Maintenance Needs
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            CREATIVE HOBBIES Tool Cart4


            • Ample Storage
            • Durable Construction
            • Easy Assembly
            • Mobility
            • Versatility


            • Limited Information
            • Wood Top Potential
            • Unclear Drawer Sizes
            • Uncertain Lock Mechanism
            • Marketing Language
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                      • Ample Storage
                      • Flexible Organization
                      • Included Dividers
                      • Easy Access
                      • Spill Prevention
                      • Space-Saving
                      • Versatile Placement


                      • Lower Weight Capacity
                      • Limited Lockability
                      • Susceptible to Scratches
                      • Potentially Flimsy
                      • Limited Customization
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                      1. Gladiator GearBox Rolling Tool Chest

                      Gladiator GearBox Rolling Tool Chest1

                      The Gladiator GearBox Rolling Tool Chest is a heavy-duty option that is perfect for storing power tools and other heavy items. The drawers are made of steel and can hold up to 100 pounds each. The chest also features a lockable top compartment and a 5-inch caster system for easy mobility.


                      • Sturdy Steel: Say goodbye to flimsy plastic. The GearBox boasts a welded steel frame and drawers, making it resistant to dents, dings, and the weight of even the heftiest tools. No more worrying about your toolbox buckling under pressure.
                      • 100-Pound Capacity Drawers: Each drawer glides smoothly on ball bearings and can handle up to 100 pounds, ensuring your drills, saws, and wrenches stay organized and protected. No more rummaging through overflowing compartments.
                      • Lockable Top Compartment: Keep valuable tools and smaller items safe with the lockable top compartment, featuring a durable lock for added peace of mind. Perfect for storing delicate equipment or keeping prying eyes away.
                      • Locking Casters: Keep the GearBox firmly in place when working on uneven surfaces or inclines by engaging the locking casters on the front wheels. Ensures stability and prevents accidental roll-aways.


                      • Investment Price: Let’s face it, the GearBox doesn’t come cheap. Compared to its budget-friendly counterparts, it carries a hefty price tag. Before you splurge, consider your budget and how often you’ll truly utilize its features.
                      • Bulk and Weight: While the size offers ample storage, it also translates to increased weight. If you have limited workspace or lack the lifting capacity, maneuvering this beast around might become a challenge. Consider alternative options if portability is a major concern.
                      • Customization Needs: The GearBox might lack built-in organizers or dividers, which could leave your tools jumbled within the drawers. While not a deal-breaker, factor in the additional cost of purchasing drawer liners, organizers, or trays to suit your specific needs.

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                      2. Akro-Mils Stackable Drawer Cabinet

                      Akro-Mils Stackable Drawer Cabinet2

                      The Akro-Mils Stackable Drawer Cabinet is a popular storage solution for various needs, ranging from organizing craft supplies to storing hardware and small parts. However, before diving in, let’s explore its pros and cons to understand if it’s the right fit for you:


                      • Versatility: Available in numerous sizes and drawer configurations, this cabinet caters to diverse storage needs. Choose from 6 to 26 drawers, with shallow or deep options, to accommodate various item sizes.
                      • Stackable Design: Maximize vertical space by stacking multiple cabinets securely through integrated tabs. This is ideal for small workspaces or maximizing storage capacity.
                      • Clear Drawers: See-through drawers provide quick identification of contents, saving you time searching for specific items.
                      • Dividers: Many models include dividers or offer them as accessories, allowing you to customize compartments and keep items organized within drawers.
                      • Mobility: Some models come with optional caster wheels for easy movement, particularly helpful for larger units or frequent relocation.


                      • Weight Capacity: While sturdy, individual drawers typically have a lower weight capacity than metal counterparts. Consider this if you need to store heavier items.
                      • Limited Lockability: Not all models offer locking mechanisms, which could be a concern for storing valuable items. Ensure your chosen model has a lock if security is a priority.
                      • Susceptibility to Scratches: The plastic construction can be prone to scratches from sharp objects or rough handling. Take care not to overload drawers or drag them across abrasive surfaces.
                      • Limited Customization: While dividers offer some flexibility, the overall design might not be as highly customizable as other storage solutions, like built-in shelves or adjustable dividers.

                      3. Homestyles Dolly Madison

                      Homestyles Dolly Madison3

                      The Homestyles Dolly Madison collection beckons with its timeless design and promise of comfortable living. But before you bring this beauty home, let’s delve into its strengths and weaknesses to ensure it perfectly complements your lifestyle:


                      • Classic Appeal: The Dolly Madison boasts a distinctive traditional style, featuring elegant details like rolled arms, cabriole legs, and button-tufting. This timeless aesthetic elevates any living space, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth.
                      • Cushioned Comfort: Sink into plush cushions filled with high-density foam for superior comfort and support. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or entertaining guests, the Dolly Madison promises relaxation and rejuvenation.
                      • Durable Construction: Built with a solid wood frame and quality upholstery, this collection is crafted for longevity. Enjoy years of worry-free use, knowing your furniture is built to last.
                      • Variety of Options: Find the perfect fit for your space with a wide selection of chairs, sofas, loveseats, and ottomans. Mix and match pieces to create a cohesive living area that caters to your needs and preferences.
                      • Neutral Color Palette: The Dolly Madison typically comes in neutral tones like beige, cream, or gray, offering versatility to blend seamlessly with various color schemes and existing décor.


                      • Traditional Style: If your taste leans towards modern or minimalist, Dolly Madison’s classic look might feel too ornate or overwhelming for your space. Consider your design preferences carefully before committing.
                      • Potential Fabric Concerns: Depending on the specific fabric chosen, it might be more susceptible to stains or wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. Opt for durable fabrics or consider professional cleaning services if needed.
                      • Cost Factor: This collection often falls within the mid-range to higher price bracket compared to some furniture brands. Weigh the quality and design appeal against your budget to determine if it aligns with your financial priorities.
                      • Limited Customization: While offering various pieces, the Dolly Madison typically doesn’t allow for extensive customization in terms of fabric, color, or size. If you require highly personalized furniture, this might not be the ideal choice.
                      • Maintenance Needs: Regular vacuuming, dusting, and occasional professional cleaning might be necessary to maintain the upholstery’s beauty and longevity. Factor in the time and effort required for proper care.

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                      4. CREATIVE HOBBIES Tool Cart

                      CREATIVE HOBBIES Tool Cart4

                      The Creative Hobbies Tool Cart on Wheels seems like a decent option for hobbyists and professionals needing basic to moderate tool storage. However, consider your specific needs and compare features and prices with alternatives before making a decision.


                      • Ample Storage: 4 drawers, a bottom compartment, and a top rack offer plenty of space for tools and supplies.
                      • Durable Construction: Powder-coated steel frame promises resilience and longevity, while the anti-rust coating simplifies cleaning.
                      • Easy Assembly: Pre-drilled holes minimize assembly time and complexity.
                      • Mobility: Wheels with brakes allow for effortless movement around your workspace, and additional tool storage on the sides is a bonus.
                      • Versatility: Suitable for various environments, from home workshops to professional settings.


                      • Limited Information: Brand and specific model details are missing, making it difficult to assess quality and specific features.
                      • Wood Top Potential: While potentially aesthetically pleasing, wood might be less durable and susceptible to damage compared to metal or plastic tops.
                      • Unclear Drawer Sizes: Information about individual drawer sizes and weight capacity is absent, making it difficult to gauge suitability for specific tools.
                      • Uncertain Lock Mechanism: Details about the locking mechanism’s strength and reliability are not provided.
                      • Marketing Language: Phrases like “wonderful gift for gentlemen” are subjective and lack concrete information about the product’s functionality.

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                      5. Akro-Mils


                      The Akro-Mils 10126 with dividers offers a versatile and affordable storage solution for various small items. However, consider its limitations in weight capacity, potential for scratches, and lower overall sturdiness compared to metal options before making your decision.


                      • Ample Storage: 26 drawers offer plenty of space for organizing hardware, craft supplies, or other small items.
                      • Flexible Organization: 8 small and 4 large dividable drawers allow customization to fit your specific needs.
                      • Included Dividers: Comes with 6 Akro-Mils 40717 length dividers, saving you the additional purchase.
                      • Easy Access: Finger grip drawer pulls make opening and closing drawers convenient.
                      • Spill Prevention: Rear stop tabs in drawers keep contents secure and prevent spilling.
                      • Space-Saving: Stackable design allows for vertical storage maximization.
                      • Versatile Placement: This can be used on a tabletop or wall-mounted for space optimization.


                      • Lower Weight Capacity: Plastic drawers might have a lower weight capacity than their metal counterparts, limiting storage for heavy items.
                      • Limited Lockability: Not all models offer locking mechanisms, which could be a concern for storing valuables.
                      • Susceptible to Scratches: Plastic construction can be prone to scratches from sharp objects or rough handling.
                      • Potentially Flimsy: While sturdy, the plastic frame might not be as robust as metal for heavy-duty use.
                      • Limited Customization: Dividers offer some flexibility, but the overall design may not be as customizable as other storage solutions.

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                      6. IRIS USA 3 Drawer

                      IRIS USA6

                      The IRIS USA 3-Drawer Portable Rolling Plastic Tool Chest is a great option for those who need a versatile and mobile storage solution. The drawers are made of durable plastic and can hold up to 25 pounds each. The chest also features a lockable top compartment and a telescoping handle for easy transport.


                      • Versatility: Suitable for storing various tools and equipment thanks to its three drawers and top compartment.
                      • Mobility: Telescoping handles and casters make it easy to transport around your workspace or job site.
                      • Durability: Plastic drawers are built to withstand regular use and hold up to 25 pounds each.
                      • Security: A lockable top compartment keeps valuable tools or sensitive items safe.
                      • Affordability: Often more budget-friendly compared to heavy-duty metal tool chests.


                      • Limited Depth: Drawers might not be as deep as some other options, potentially restricting storage for larger tools.
                      • Lower Weight Capacity: 25-pound capacity per drawer might not be enough for heavy tools or equipment.
                      • Plastic Construction: While durable, plastic might not be as sturdy as metal for heavy-duty applications.
                      • Potential Scratching: Plastic drawers could be more susceptible to scratches or damage from sharp tools.

                      7. Rolling Tool Box Cabinet

                      Rolling Tool Box Cabinet7

                      The Stalwart 3-Drawer Plastic Storage Cabinet is a versatile option that can be used to store a variety of items. The drawers are made of durable plastic and can hold up to 35 pounds each. The cabinet also features a stackable design for space-saving storage.


                      • Versatility: Accommodates diverse storage needs with its three drawers, making it suitable for various items like tools, craft supplies, office equipment, or household goods.
                      • Stackable Design: Saves space by allowing you to securely stack multiple cabinets vertically, maximizing storage capacity in tight areas.
                      • Durable Plastic: Built to withstand regular use with drawers capable of holding up to 35 pounds each, offering reliable storage for most everyday items.
                      • Lightweight: Compared to steel cabinets, the plastic construction makes it easier to move and reposition.
                      • Potentially Affordable: Plastic typically translates to a lower price point compared to metal alternatives.


                      • Limited Depth: Drawers might not be as deep as some other options, potentially restricting storage for bulkier items or larger tools.
                      • Lower Weight Capacity: While suitable for most everyday items, the 35-pound limit might not be enough for very heavy tools or equipment.
                      • Not as Sturdy as Steel: The plastic construction offers less overall sturdiness and might not be ideal for heavy-duty use or storing very heavy items.
                      • Susceptible to Scratches: Plastic drawers could be more prone to scratches or damage from sharp objects compared to metal options.
                      • Limited Customization: The drawers might not offer as much internal organization flexibility compared to some cabinets with dividers or adjustable compartments.

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                      Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Garage Storage Drawers

                      Taming the clutter in your garage can feel like an uphill battle, but the right storage drawers can be your secret weapon. Before diving into reviews, consider these key factors to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget:

                      1. Assess your needs:

                      • What will you store? Tools, hardware, crafting supplies, sports equipment? Different items have different weight and size requirements.
                      • How often will you access them? Frequently used items might need easily accessible drawers, while seasonal items can be tucked away in deeper drawers.
                      • Do you need mobility? Consider casters for easy movement around the garage, especially for heavier drawers.

                      2. Consider material and construction:

                      • Metal: Strong and durable, ideal for heavy tools, but can be pricier and susceptible to rust.
                      • Plastic: Lighter and often more affordable, but might have lower weight capacity and scratch easier.
                      • Wood: Aesthetically pleasing, but less durable and susceptible to moisture damage.

                      3. Drawer size and weight capacity:

                      • Measure your items: Ensure drawers are deep and wide enough to accommodate your largest tools or equipment comfortably.
                      • Check weight capacity: Don’t overload drawers; exceeding the limit can damage them and cause safety hazards.

                      4. Features to consider:

                      • Locking mechanisms: Secure valuables or hazardous materials with lockable drawers.
                      • Dividers and organizers: Keep items separated and prevent clutter within drawers.
                      • Dust covers: Protect your belongings from dust and debris.
                      • Stackable design: Maximize storage capacity in limited spaces by stacking drawers vertically.