DIY Mosquito Trap in Garage Tips

Summer evenings in the garage, tinkering with projects or enjoying a cool breeze, should be a blissful experience. But those pesky mosquitoes, with their itchy bites and annoying buzz, can quickly turn your haven into a haven’t. Fear not, DIY warriors! Reclaim your garage oasis with these creative and effective mosquito trap ideas you can build yourself.

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1. The Sugary Seduction

The Sugary Seduction1

Mosquitos can’t resist a sweet treat! Mix a cup of warm water, ¼ cup of brown sugar, and a teaspoon of yeast in a container. The yeast ferments the sugar, releasing a delicious aroma that entices them closer. Place a funnel inside the container, with the narrow end pointing downwards into a jar of soapy water.

Imagine it as a tiny, mosquito-sized rollercoaster! Drawn by the irresistible scent, they fly through the funnel and into the soapy abyss, where they meet their sudsy end. For extra allure, add a drop of vanilla extract to the mixture. For a more visually appealing trap, place the sugary mixture in a decorative jar or container and cover the top with a piece of mesh fabric secured with a rubber band. This allows the scent to escape while preventing mosquitoes from escaping.

Why it works: The combination of sugar and yeast creates carbon dioxide, which mimics the breath of humans and animals, attracting hungry mosquitoes. The soapy water acts as a one-way ticket, breaking their surface tension and preventing them from escaping.

Pros: Easy to make with readily available ingredients, effective against a large number of mosquitoes, and the soapy water ensures a quick and humane demise.

Cons: Requires regular emptying and refilling of the soapy water, and the yeast mixture can attract other insects besides mosquitoes.

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2. The Light Show

The Light Show2

Unleash the hypnotic power of light! Fill a jar with water and add a black light bulb or LED strip. Mosquitoes, with their strange fascination for ultraviolet, can’t resist this alluring glow. Think of it as a disco for bloodsuckers! Place a sticky trap near the light source, like a sticky flypaper sheet or a commercially available mosquito trap with an adhesive pad. As the moths flutter towards the mesmerizing glow, they become entangled in the sticky surface, their party days coming to a sticky end.

Place the trap away from direct light sources to maximize the black light’s effectiveness. Additionally, ensure the water in the jar stays clean to prevent breeding ground for other insects. Create a DIY mosquito lantern by hanging the jar with the black light from the ceiling or a hook in your garage. This will increase the trap’s reach and add a unique ambience to your space.

Why it works: Black lights emit ultraviolet light, invisible to humans but irresistible to many insects, including mosquitoes. They mistake the light for moonlight, a signal for breeding and feeding, leading them straight into your sticky trap.

Pros: Easy to set up, works even in the dark, and visually appealing with decorative jars or colored LED strips. You can even turn it into a conversation starter at your next garage party!

Cons: May attract other insects besides mosquitoes, and the black light bulbs or LED strips need to be replaced periodically.

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3. The Soda Stream Surprise

The Soda Stream Surprise3

Unleash the power of bubbles! Don’t toss that flat soda just yet – it’s about to become a mosquito magnet. Place an open can of any flat soda (cola, lemonade, even ginger ale) in a bucket or container. The carbon dioxide released mimics human breath, a siren song for hungry mosquitoes. Turn your humble bucket into a mosquito disco by covering it with a mesh screen or fabric. Leave a small gap, just big enough for curious mosquitoes to squeeze through.

As they buzz towards the intoxicating carbon dioxide aroma, they’ll find themselves locked in a bubble ballet under the mesh, unable to escape their fizzy fate. Place the trap strategically, near areas where mosquitoes gather, like stagnant water or outdoor light sources. Don’t forget to refill the flat soda regularly, and enjoy the silent satisfaction of knowing your garage is one step closer to mosquito-free bliss.

Why it works: Mosquitos are surprisingly drawn to carbon dioxide, which they associate with humans and easy meals. The flat soda provides this irresistible lure, while the mesh creates a one-way ticket, trapping them with their wings full of fizzy dreams.

Pros: Budget-friendly, uses readily available materials, and the mesh allows you to witness the mosquito mayhem without getting too close. Plus, it’s a strangely satisfying way to recycle flat soda!

Cons: Requires regular emptying and refilling of the bucket (with fresh flat soda, not you!), and the mesh might need occasional cleaning to maintain its effectiveness.

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4. The Plant Power Play

The Plant Power Play4

Forget the chemical warfare, embrace the floral revolution! Instead of battling mosquitoes with sticky traps and fizzy demise, enlist the help of nature’s own mosquito-repelling warriors: plants. Surround your garage with fragrant fortresses of citronella, basil, and lavender. These heroes emit natural oils that mosquitoes find utterly repulsive. Imagine it as a fragrant force field, shielding your garage from the buzzing hordes.

This isn’t just about repelling mosquitoes; it’s about creating a sensory oasis. The refreshing scent of these herbs will fill your garage with a delightful aroma, transforming it from a utilitarian space into a fragrant haven. Plus, the vibrant green foliage adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your DIY defense system.

Create a strategic herb haven by planting mosquito-repelling plants near doorways, windows, and areas where you spend the most time. You can even build hanging planters or vertical gardens to maximize space and create a fragrant wall of defense. Patience is key! It might take some time for the plants to establish themselves and reach their full mosquito-repelling potential. But once they do, you’ll be rewarded with a naturally fragrant and effective shield against those pesky pests.


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Why it works: The essential oils in these plants, like citronellol in citronella and linalool in lavender, confuse and disorient mosquitoes, making your garage an unwelcome landing pad. They simply prefer to buzz elsewhere, leaving you to enjoy your evenings in peace.

Pros: Eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and releases a pleasant aroma that masks the scent of humans (the main mosquito magnet). Plus, you can harvest the herbs for cooking or tea, adding another layer of benefit to your plant power play.

Cons: Requires regular watering and maintenance to keep the plants healthy and thriving. The effectiveness might vary depending on the mosquito population and the size of your garage.

So grab a can of flat soda, whip out your trusty bucket and mesh, and unleash the fizzy fury on those pesky summer pests. With the Soda Stream Surprise, your garage evenings will be filled with the gentle clinking of ice (in your real drink, of course) and the quiet cheers of victory over vanquished mosquitoes!

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  • Placement matters: Place your traps strategically, near potential breeding grounds like standing water or areas with high mosquito activity.
  • Empty and refill: Regularly empty and refill your traps to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Combine and conquer: For extra protection, combine different trap types or use mosquito repellent in conjunction with your DIY solutions.

With these DIY mosquito trap ideas, you can reclaim your garage and enjoy those summer evenings without the pesky buzz and itchy bites. So, grab your tools, unleash your creativity, and get ready to say “hasta la vista, baby” to those pesky mosquitoes!