8 Best Garage Alarm Systems

Human errors of carelessness often lead to large losses. For example, you may forget to close the garage door, thereby provoking theft in your own home or garage.

Simply rushing through morning gatherings, returning home later, forgetting or being busy – that’s the trouble. Many burglars or criminals can break into your home through the garage, as well as simply steal any important tools or equipment from the garage itself.

To avoid such situations, you will need to install a quality security system. An alarm system can alert you of an intruder entering the premises without your knowledge and can warn you of an intruder.

You should agree that it is much easier to install a quality alarm system than to train and care for a guard dog. Most importantly, many systems can automatically call the police, making your stay even safer.

Most importantly, remember that the most beautiful alarm system is not necessarily the best and safest. We will help you make the right choice.

If you have never encountered security systems before, you do not know all the subtleties of the choice. We want to tell you what to look out for when you buy it.

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The type of installation.

Garage alarms are mostly of two types – wireless and wired. Wireless models mostly use motion detection technology, so they can detect an intruder even in the yard of your house or near your garage.

Wired versions are ideal if you are tracking guests and people with a monitor inside your garage or house. This way, you can connect the alarm, monitor, with the wires, and place the screen inside.

Alarm volume.

Of course, you can often set the volume manually, but you should consider the capabilities of the alarm when making a purchase. Perhaps you are buying an alarm system for elderly parents or relatives – in this case, it is better to pay attention to loud models.

Certain models of wireless alarms may have special key chains, which receive personal alerts. It is also possible to receive vibration-signal for notification – an analogy of silent mode of your smartphone.

Resistant to weather conditions.

Some models have special devices and warning systems outside the building. Therefore, it is necessary to have a security system that will be resistant to changing weather conditions.

Perhaps your climate zone is characterized by humidity or frequent rainfall – this too should be considered. This stability extends the life of the alarm system.

The possibility of remote tracking.

We have already mentioned that some models have a special key chain, which comes with an alarm about the intrusion. However, modern models may be able to synchronize with your smartphone.

In particular, when you have cameras installed in addition to the alarm system in your home – it will be a convenient way to keep track of what is happening even at a distance from the house.

Our Top Pick
ring floodlight camera motionRing Floodlight Cam
  • Bright LED spotlights
  • Ability to use the loudspeakers
  • Pairing with Alexa
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Other great alarm systems

simplisafe 5 piece wireless

SimpliSafe 5

Easy to install station for complete protection.

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reolink outdoor security camera

Reolink Outdoor Security Camera

Alarm system with the ability to work with virtual assistants.

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home8 oplink video-verified

Home8 Oplink

Security system with noise detection and night vision function.

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ge security alarm kit

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

Complete security system of 3 devices.

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ring spotlight cam bettery

Ring Spotlight Cam

Lifetime Warranty and working with Alexa.

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door window alarm for home pool kids

EverNary alarm

Loud alarm kit for home and garage.

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garagedoorbuddy monitor

GarageDoorBuddy Monitor

Garage safety system for the whole family.

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1) Ring Floodlight Cam

ring floodlight camera motion

When you dream about a remote security system, there are many factors to consider. First, you need a certain channel of communication that can keep you and your home connected.

For example, Ring Floodlight Cam has a great way – you just need to connect to the Alexa system and all the information will be in your device. Tablet, computer or smartphone – any of your devices will show you the location in your garage or on your property.

The Ring Floodlight Cam also comes with a great feature – you can communicate with people using the loudspeaker. The system will automatically connect you to it – as soon as you give the Alexa command. The cloud connection plan for Ring Floodlight Cam is reasonably priced.

You can share videos from cloud storage with other people. In addition, this security system detects motion perfectly – so you will know about unwanted guests in just a few seconds. Unfortunately, Ring Floodlight Cam has a small range of motion – no more than 40 degrees of view. Therefore, if you want to view everything, you need several cameras.

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2) SimpliSafe 5

simplisafe 5 piece wireless

Complicated installation is one of the main obstacles you may encounter when securing your own garage. SimpliSafe 5 is the ideal alarm system for beginners and people who want to do everything themselves.

With a simple installation, you get professional control 24 hours a day. If something happens in your house, the police or medical help will come immediately.

The price will also please those who are not going to conclude long contracts for their own safety. SimpliSafe 5 does not imply any additional payments on your part. In order to ensure that you receive a timely warning of the danger, the system can inform you with a sound.

There is also Wi-Fi and built-in cellular amplification. The set includes a motion sensor, keyboard, as well as a base station. All sensors are easy to attach – they have special self-adhesive substrates. For beginners, the task is easier – the configuration of the security system is configured even with a smartphone.

3) Reolink Outdoor Security Camera

reolink outdoor security camera

You do not always want to mess with the wires when installing and working with the security system. The Reolink Outdoor Security Camera is the kind of device that will spare you all the worry associated with wires and connections.

A wireless security camera needs to be recharged periodically, but it also has a solar panel. This is the type of power that lets you never have to worry about your security being compromised.

The camera footage is automatically downloaded to your SD card or cloud storage. You will need to connect the Reolink Outdoor Security Camera to the internet. You will also be able to synchronize your device with one of your virtual assistants, such as Google or Alexa.

The camera image can be accessed remotely via special software. By the way, the connection is two-way – you can talk to people you see on the screen.

The motion detector works properly, but only at the moment when a person enters the field of view of the camera. Upload of images depends only on the speed of your Internet and Wi-Fi.

4) Home8 Oplink

home8 oplink video-verified

An affordable security system is what every person needs. You can protect your home, your property and your family with the affordable Home8 Oplink system. It has no extra wires or contacts that you need to constantly confirm and renew. 

If you need real-time monitoring of your garage or house at all times, this is a great option. Home8 Oplink offers you a special app for your smartphone that gives you access.

Home8 Oplink responds quickly to movements that occur nearby. It also has a noise detection feature, so you will be notified immediately of any oddity. Best of all, you can add or expand your alarm system as needed.

The manufacturer can offer you additional devices that can be easily connected to the main system. In addition to the security system, you will be able to expand the functionality of Home8 Oplink.

Motion detection works perfectly, and sometimes there are even cases of false alarms – for example when detecting animals or anything else. You will not miss a single danger that could threaten you.

5) GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

ge security alarm kit

Some kits already include all additional installations. The manufacturer supplies you with not only one alarm system, but also 3 different alarms in the set. You will be able to secure not only your garage but also the entire house.

It will be enough just to install additional alarms on doors and windows. You will need to use a special activation from the keyboard in order to be able to disarm the alarm system or set it before you leave.

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit does not require you to have additional wires or extra electricity. It works with a battery. Every time you open a window or door (or an unwanted guest does), you will hear a beep.

The beep has a volume of 120 dB, which is more than enough to hear it. Unfortunately, you will not be able to make the system quieter as it is designed to work loudly. By the way, you do not have to use three devices at once – you can mute each device or use them separately. You can also start them at a certain time.

6) Ring Spotlight Cam

ring spotlight cam bettery

This camera is another model from Ring. Like the other models, it synchronizes perfectly with Alexa, giving you intelligent control of the entire surveillance system.

For example, you can talk to visitors from all your devices, as well as give instructions to your virtual assistant. A rechargeable battery that you will need to recharge or change periodically supplies power.

Of course, you pay a small fee at all times. However, what you get in return is justified. The most important thing is that if someone steals your Ring Spotlight Cam, they will immediately replace it with a new model.

All notifications of movement also come to all your devices, notifying of any movement near your garage or in the house. You can even talk to your guest remotely – the Ring Spotlight Cam supports two-way communication.

If you are worried that the Ring Spotlight Cam may not respond to an intruder, just increase the sensitivity of the device.

7) EverNary alarm

door window alarm for home pool kids

It is natural to want to protect your home. In fact, the best situation is when you install an alarm system for your entire house, including the garage and surrounding land.

EverNary alarm includes two remote controls and three sensors that you can install in different parts of your house or garage. One remote control can be used with multiple sensors at once. It can also help you set up alarms and special alarm modes.

Despite the very loud sound signal (about 130 dB), the sensors use a minimum amount of power. Standard batteries become the energy source – the sensor can run for up to 1 year on one set.

If we talk about special alarm settings, it should be noted that there are only four modes. Therefore, you can adjust the sensor to its position – even if the installation is on the fridge. You should be very careful when pairing and installing the devices – especially if you use two remotes at the same time.

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8) GarageDoorBuddy Monitor

garagedoorbuddy monitor

Not all devices support booting into your storage or a special memory card. GarageDoorBuddy Monitor is great for people who do not like complexity and do not want to encounter it when using it.

Especially those people who use the garage as a whole family will love this alarm system because all family members can connect to the system with a single login. You just need to download the application and go to your family account.

Each connected subscriber is notified in real-time about what is happening. Simply try to open the garage doors and GarageDoorBuddy Monitor will notify the owner immediately. So you will be notified even when you just forget to close the gate behind you.

The device works over Wi-Fi, but only on the 2.4G channel – this is worth testing when setting up and installing the system. If you think you might have forgotten to close the door, you can do so even while lying in your own bed – GarageDoorBuddy Monitor online will give you all the information.

It is hard enough to choose the best product these days. You get lost in the choice, as many models are similar to each other, but have different price or manufacturer.

We have looked at eight different garage alarms, which are rightly considered the best on the market now.

We have tried to tell you what criteria it is important to consider when buying, what functions can be and what is presented in the best models. We hope that our article has helped you to better understand the question and identify your favorite.

If you still have questions, we suggest that you study the most frequently asked questions – perhaps, there is already an answer for you!

FAQ for the alarm system buyers

1. Is there a real need for a garage alarm?

If there are things in your house or garage that you really care about, you need an alarm system. You may forget to close the door or just go on holiday for a while. This is when intruders can easily break into an unprotected house, and you will not even know it.

Imagine that your children are in the house at this moment! In order to protect your family and close people, you must take care of the alarm system. Once the alarm is installed, you can be calm – your property and family are safe.

2. What additional functions can I find in the garage alarm?

Today’s manufacturers offer many additional features. These include voice control, voice and fingerprint recognition, pairing with your devices and much more. Some garage alarms allow you to remotely connect to your home security system.

Remember that the cost of the whole system depends on the number of extra features. If you do not see the need for them, we do not recommend that you choose options that are too “loaded”.

3. Can I adjust the volume? If not, what is the optimal volume?

The alarm volume function is available in almost all systems. Each user can adjust the volume individually. This depends on the size of your garage and home, your hearing problems (or lack of them).

If you have a large house with a garage – it is better to set the alarm at a higher volume – you are guaranteed to hear the signal. The optimal volume is calculated for you after the alarm system is installed.

4. Should I pay attention to the brand and company name of the manufacturer?

Of course, among all alarm manufacturers, there are their leaders and the most famous companies. Most often, the price of their products is higher than the market average – this is due to the name of the manufacturer.

If you need a long warranty, a loud name of the manufacturer and the service company, as well as a large number of customers (some people are guided by this) – then the alarms of large companies for you.