7 Best Boat Storage Garage Kits

In this article, we delve into the 7 best boat storage garage kits available on the market today. These selections stand out for their quality, versatility, and ease of assembly, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. And you can also check out our article about Best Battery Storage Racks for Garage.

Our Top Picks

StoreYourBoard Kayak

  • Solid steel components.
  • High-strength straps.
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RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist

  • Up to 125 lbs.
  • Rubber-coated hooks.
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UNITEDPOWER Kayak Storage Racks

  • Saddle washers.
  • Thick EVA foam arms.
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StoreYourBoard Kayak

The StoreYourBoard Kayak and Canoe Ceiling Pulley System is a versatile and robust Boat Storage Garage Kit designed to optimize garage ceiling space for storing kayaks and canoes. This innovative system is adaptable to ceilings ranging from 8 to 10 feet in height, making it an ideal solution for homeowners seeking to declutter their garage floors and safely store their boats overhead.

The kit’s heavy-duty construction features solid steel components and high-strength straps capable of supporting up to 150 pounds, ensuring a secure and stable storage solution for your watercraft.

Installation is straightforward, with ceiling brackets that can be aligned either parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling joists, accommodating various garage layouts.

The package includes quality wood mounting hardware to ensure a secure fit and maximum strength. Furthermore, the adjustable nature of the high-strength loading straps allows for a custom fit to the size and shape of your kayaks and canoes, with heavy-duty cam buckles providing reliable long-term storage.

Designed and engineered by the StoreYourBoard team in Troy, VA, this Garage Mount Storage Hoist exemplifies American innovation and practical design. It offers a convenient and efficient way to organize your garage space, highlighting the brand’s commitment to creating durable, user-friendly storage solutions. Whether you’re a casual paddler or an avid kayaker, this ceiling pulley system is built to meet your storage needs and last for years to come.

StoreYourBoard Kayak and Canoe Ceiling

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RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist

The RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist 2-Pack emerges as an essential solution for those seeking efficient and secure storage options for their kayaks, canoes, or even ladders. This Boat Storage Garage Kit is meticulously designed to optimize garage space, offering a robust and premium quality pulley system capable of hoisting up to 125 lbs. Its engineering excellence ensures that even the heaviest kayaks can be lifted effortlessly, highlighting the product’s dedication to durability and reliability.

One of the standout features of this hoist system is its rubber-coated hooks, which are carefully crafted to prevent scratches, ensuring that your valuable equipment remains in pristine condition. The inclusion of durable straps further guarantees the security of your kayak, providing peace of mind that your gear is safely stowed away.

Installation is remarkably straightforward, requiring minimal tools and effort. Designed to mount to ceiling joists or rafters, the system can be set up quickly, allowing you to hang your kayak in the garage without any hassle. This simplicity in installation underscores the product’s commitment to convenience and user-friendliness.

Safety is paramount with the RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist, featuring a safe locking mechanism to prevent accidental releases. This safety feature ensures that your kayak remains securely suspended, offering the additional benefit of freeing up significant floor space in your garage. With the capability to accommodate indoor ceilings up to 12 ft. high, this hoist system not only maximizes storage efficiency but also instills confidence that your equipment is stored safely and securely.

RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist 2-Pack

UNITEDPOWER Kayak Storage Racks

The UnitedPower Kayak Storage Racks offer an innovative solution for organizing and storing bulky items in your garage, transforming clutter into an organized, easily accessible space. This Boat Storage Garage Kit is designed with utility and organization at its core, making it ideal for a wide range of items including kayaks, bicycles, snowboards, canoes, folding chairs, ladders, garden tools, and more.

By elevating these items off the ground, the kit not only organizes and protects them from damage but also maximizes garage space, allowing for a tidier and more efficient storage area.

Featuring stable and secure storage options, the kit includes saddle washers to ensure fittings are aligned squarely on the wall, preventing any wobbling of stored items. Constructed from sturdy metal with a non-slip coated finish, it is complemented by thick EVA foam arms that safeguard against scratches or damage while preventing items from slipping off. This design consideration ensures that your belongings are stored securely and remain in pristine condition.

The space-saving nature of this wall-mounted rack is one of its standout features. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be installed on various wall types including drywall, wall studs, brick, and concrete, effectively freeing up ground space in your garage, shop, or house. Moreover, installation is straightforward and hassle-free, requiring only a drill and screwdriver, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts.

In summary, the UnitedPower Kayak Storage Racks are a heavy-duty garage organization solution that promises to declutter and streamline your storage space, offering a secure and stable method to store a variety of items efficiently and safely.

UNITEDPOWER Kayak Storage Racks

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Tie Boss Kayak Hanger

The Tie Boss Kayak Hanger and Cargo Ceiling Storage presents a versatile and innovative solution for organizing and storing a variety of items in your garage or storage area. This Boat Storage Garage Kit is designed to maximize the unused overhead space, making it perfect for watercraft, bicycles, wakeboards, ladders, and overhead storage containers.

At the heart of this storage system lies the unique “Tie Boss” jam cleat system, which sets it apart from traditional hoist systems. The kit includes two 1/4″ Tie Boss units, each capable of supporting up to 150 lbs, along with 15 feet of rope.

Additionally, a universal sling is provided, featuring 9 feet of webbing on each end and in the middle, making it fully adjustable to cater to all your storage needs. This flexibility ensures that the system can adapt to various items, from kayaks to bikes and beyond.

Installation is notably straightforward, positioning the Tie Boss system as a superior choice compared to other storage solutions. Users are only required to install two eyehooks (not provided) to secure the Tie Boss hooks, simplifying the setup process significantly and allowing for a quick and hassle-free installation.

Proudly manufactured and assembled in Ohio, USA, this system underscores its commitment to quality and durability with a lifetime warranty. This assurance reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Whether for residential or commercial use, the Tie Boss Kayak Hanger and Cargo Ceiling Storage system offers an efficient, durable, and easy-to-install solution for maximizing storage space and organizing various items with ease.

Tie Boss Kayak Hanger

Wallmaster Kayak Storage Hooks Hangers

The Wallmaster Kayak Storage Hooks Hangers are an innovative solution designed to cater to the needs of water sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers who require a practical and efficient storage option for their equipment.

This boat storage garage kit exemplifies a blend of functionality and durability, offering an adjustable rack system capable of accommodating a variety of equipment sizes, including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, surfboards, and snowboards.

Featuring a foldable design, the hooks can be adjusted between 16.34 inches to 22.25 inches, ensuring compatibility with many sizes of surfboards while also providing the capability to hold up to 78 lbs. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who value space optimization in their garage or storage area, as the shelves can be easily put away when not in use, allowing for maximum space conservation.

Constructed from premium heavy-duty scratch-resistant steel, these storage racks are not just about strength and capacity; they also prioritize the longevity and protection of your equipment. Their robust build ensures that heavy and large kayaks can be securely stored without any concern for wear and tear.

The ease of installation is another significant advantage. The kit comes with comprehensive instructions and requires only a screw gun or drill to secure the racks onto walls, making them suitable for various wall types including drywall and wall studs. This not only makes the setup process straightforward but also enhances the versatility of the storage solution, allowing for both indoor and outdoor installation.

In summary, the Wallmaster Kayak Storage Hooks Hangers are an essential garage kit for anyone looking to store their water sports equipment safely, efficiently, and in a manner that conservatively uses space. Its robust construction, ease of installation, and flexible design make it a superior choice for the organized storage of sports gear.

Wallmaster Kayak Storage Hooks Hangers

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Freestanding Kayak Stand

The product detailed on the webpage is a Freestanding Kayak Stand Storage Rack designed for versatile use, accommodating up to four kayaks, canoes, boats, paddleboards, SUPs, surfboards, and more. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings such as garages and sheds, it’s constructed from durable metal material and boasts a powder-coated surface treatment for added resilience against wear.

Customizable in color, the rack supports professional OEM and ODM services to meet specific requirements. Its stable structure ensures safe and efficient storage, making it a practical solution for home organization.

This storage solution is offered by Zhongshan Mingtang Display Products Co., Ltd., showcasing a commitment to quality and customization for users looking to optimize their space and keep their water sports equipment securely stored.

Freestanding Kayak Stand

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Universal Aluminum Outdoor Stand

The product described is a Universal Aluminum Outdoor Stand Freestanding Garage Kayak Holder Storage Kayak Rack, designed by Ningbo Mygo Outdoors & Sports Co., Ltd.

This innovative storage solution is crafted from high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance against outdoor conditions. The rack measures 534060 cm per rack, providing ample space for kayak storage. With a packaging dimension of 38x10x52cm/SET/CTN, it offers convenience in terms of storage and transportation.

The product boasts a supply capacity of 5000 pieces per month, with a lead time of 20 days for quantities ranging from 1 to 200 sets, while orders exceeding 200 sets have negotiable lead times. Additionally, customization options are available, including custom logos and packaging for orders of 1000 units or more. This kayak rack represents a practical solution for enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient way to store their kayaks outdoors.

Universal Aluminum Outdoor Stand Freestanding

FAQ for boat storage garage kits buyers:

What size boat storage garage kit do I need?

The size of the boat storage garage kit you need depends on the size of your boat and any additional items you plan to store, such as trailers, equipment, and accessories. Measure your boat’s length, width, and height to ensure you select a kit that offers ample space for easy access and maneuverability. Consider future needs as well; you might want to opt for a slightly larger size to accommodate potential upgrades or additional storage needs.

Are boat storage garage kits customizable?

Yes, many boat storage garage kits are customizable to meet specific needs. Customization options can include the choice of doors (e.g., roll-up, sectional, or sliding doors), windows, roof styles, and colors.

Some manufacturers also offer insulation, ventilation systems, and specific flooring options to enhance protection against weather elements and improve usability. It’s best to discuss your specific needs with the manufacturer or distributor to understand the available customization options.

How do I prepare the site for installing a boat storage garage kit?

Site preparation is crucial for the successful installation of a boat storage garage kit. The site should be level and cleared of any debris, rocks, or vegetation.

Depending on the kit and your location, you may need to pour a concrete foundation or install piers to provide a stable base for your structure. Additionally, consider access to the site for both the installation process and future use with your boat. Checking local building codes and obtaining any necessary permits before beginning your project is also essential to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues.

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