7 Free Garage Material Calculators

The vision is clear: a gleaming new garage, transformed from drab to fab. But between you and that handy masterpiece lies a mountain of… well, stuff. Lumber, screws, insulation, oh my! Estimating the materials for your garage renovation can feel like deciphering hieroglyphics on a roller coaster.

And that’s why we’ve rounded up the best free garage material calculators you could try. These let you tap a few buttons and watch a detailed material list materialize on your screen.

Whether you’re planning to build it from scratch, replace the door, or add insulation, there’s a tool for that. These nifty tools are your secret weapon to conquer the chaos of construction. Let’s dive in!

AppFunctionalityUser input requiredOutput

Brick Calculator

Calculates brick neededWall dimensions & brick sizeNumber of bricks needed

Houzz Garage Calculator

Estimates cost based on size, style, and locationGarage size, style, and locationEstimated garage cost

Star Building Winnipeg

Design garage & get real-time cost estimateGarage dimensions, style, and optionsCost estimate based on selections


Generates material list based on garage dimensionsGarage dimensions and typeMaterial list with quantities

Jewson Brick Calculator

Calculates brick needed based on size and typeWall dimensions & brick sizeNumber of bricks needed

Shivering Calculator

Estimates insulation cost based on dimensionsGarage dimensionsEstimated cost breakdown

Homewyse Garage Door

Estimates garage door cost based on dimensionsGarage dimensionsEstimated cost breakdown

Brick Calculator

Building a brick garage? You’re braver than most, and frankly, we applaud your vision. Brick garages exude a timeless charm that vinyl siding just can’t match. But with that charm comes, well, complexity. Figuring out how many bricks you need can feel like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics, leaving you with enough leftover bricks to build a whole patio (been there, done that).

This nifty calc is here to swoop in and be your masonry superhero. This nifty tool is like a mind-reading genie for bricks, taking your wall dimensions and spitting out the exact number of bricks you need, no mystical math required. Think of it as a virtual abacus that sips espresso instead of counting beads.

Here’s how it works: you input the dimensions of your wall (length, height, thickness), and bingo! The calculator shows the exact number of bricks you need, like magic. No more eyeballing, no more frantic trips to the hardware store, just pure, unadulterated brick-laying bliss.

It also doubles as a mortar mixologist. Enter the dimensions of your wall, and it calculates the precise amount of sand, cement, and water you need to whip up the perfect mortar. And it’s user-friendly enough for even the most brick-laying newbies.

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Houzz Garage Calculator

Building a garage is like planting a shiny new seed in your homeownership garden. But before you bust out the trowel, gotta figure out how much that sprout will cost. And that’s what this tool is here for.

This bad boy takes the guesswork out of garage budgeting. You plug in your dream garage size – two-car, maybe a three-car monster? Then, the tool spits out a personalized cost estimate based on your zip code. No more late-night spreadsheet sprees or squinting at contractor quotes that look like hieroglyphics.

But it doesn’t stop there. This calculator is like a picky eater at a buffet, letting you choose your perfect garage outfit. Siding? Vinyl, brick, or something fancy like HardiePlank? Roof? Asphalt shingles or sleek metal? It’s all there, with the estimated cost changing like magic with each click.

Want a garage door that says “luxury,” but your budget whispers “tool shed”? No problem! See how different styles impact the price tag and find the sweet spot that makes your wallet and your aesthetic high-five.

And the best part? It’s user-friendly enough for even the most DIY-challenged folks (guilty!). The interface is clean, the instructions clear, and it practically walks you through the process, making you feel like a construction pro in no time. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s the sanity-saving tool you never knew you needed.

Star Building Winnipeg

If you’re not planning to build a garage by yourself, this calc is what you need. It lets you orchestrate your vision within budget and purchase the project to get done by experienced pros.

It’s about empowering you to design the perfect garage, tailor-made to your needs and wants, all while getting a real-time picture of the financial impact of your choices. Forget generic, one-size-fits-all options. Here, you’re the conductor, customizing your garage symphony from the ground up.

Start by setting the stage with the garage’s footprint. Need a two-car haven or a sprawling three-car workshop? Pick your width and length, envisioning the space where your dreams will take shape. Then, it’s time to pick your roof – the sky’s the limit. A standard truss for a classic look, or storage truss for maximizing overhead space? The choice is yours, and the estimated price adjusts with each click, keeping you firmly in control.

Siding options abound, from sleek vinyl to rustic wood grain, each adding a touch of personality and, you guessed it, impacting the cost. Don’t forget the crowning touch – the shingle color!

Throughout this customization journey, this estimator acts as your financial compass. Every click, every choice, reflects on the price display, ensuring you stay within budget without sacrificing your vision.

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The transition from a vision board to a brick-and-mortar masterpiece can be daunting, especially when it comes to figuring out the mountain of materials you’ll need. And this tool is your DIY superhero ready to slice through the planning fog and land you squarely in budget-land.

Think of it as your personal material whisperer, tailoring a list to your specific garage vision. Whether you’re picturing a two-car haven or a sprawling workshop, the calculator adapts. Simply plug in the dimensions and watch your dream take shape, pixel by pixel (or rather, board by board).

And it goes beyond the basics, delving into the nitty-gritty of your garage anatomy. Need to estimate studs, trusses, and sheets of drywall? This bad boy has your back, spitting out quantities based on your chosen structure type. No more head-scratching over cryptic lumberyard codes or deciphering contractor jargon.

And the best part? It’s flexible enough to handle more than just garage dreams. Need to know how much paint you to conquer that living room refresh? Or maybe shingles for a roof resurrection? It can help!

Of course, every superhero has their limits. Remember, the calc’s estimates are based on industry standards and might not capture every niche detail of your project. Unexpected curves or intricate architectural flourishes might call for some manual adjustments. But hey, that’s part of the DIY charm, right?


So you’ve got grand visions of a brick garage taking shape in your backyard – a haven for your car, tools, and DIY dreams. But before you dive into a mortar-filled frenzy, there’s one crucial step: figuring out exactly how many bricks you’ll need. That’s where this calc comes in, your digital guardian angel against overspending and under-ordering.

This tool is incredibly simple. You just enter your wall dimensions and brick size (they even provide common brick sizes for reference!), and voila! The calc churns out the exact number of bricks you need. No complex formulas, no guesswork, just pure bricking bliss.

By accurately determining your brick needs, you minimize waste and save money. Think of all those extra bricks you can use for a charming garden path, a cozy fire pit, or even a mini pizza oven for your new garage hangout!

Whether you’re building a single-car haven or a multi-vehicle workshop, the calculator adapts. It can handle extensions, exterior walls, and more, making it your go-to tool for any bricklaying adventure. While the calc provides common brick sizes, it’s always a good idea to grab your trusty measuring tape and double-check your specific brick dimensions. A small difference can translate to a big change in your order.

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Installed Insulation Cost Calculator

Shivering in your garage while wrenching on your car? Wishing your winter projects weren’t an Arctic expedition? Friend, your garage needs insulation, and this tool is here to help.

Let’s face it, figuring out insulation costs can be a frosty nightmare. Contractor quotes sound like hieroglyphics and online estimates leave you more confused than a penguin in a sauna. But fear not, this nifty tool cuts through the ice, giving you a clear, personalized estimate of your garage insulation adventure, without the brain freeze.

You just enter your garage dimensions – length, width, height – and watch the calculator work its magic. No complex formulas, no deciphering cryptic codes, just a few clicks, and you’re on your way to a toasty garage.

The calc doesn’t just spit out a single number. It breaks down the estimated cost for each section of your garage: roof, ends, and walls. This transparency lets you prioritize and adjust your insulation plan to fit your wallet. Maybe the roof needs immediate attention, while the walls can wait for next month’s paycheck. You’re in control.

Overall, it saves you time, money, and, most importantly, your sanity. Stop dreaming of a warm garage and start planning.

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Replacing a garage door can feel like cracking a code – deciphering material costs, labor rates, and hidden fees can leave you more confused than a mime explaining quantum physics. But worry not, this tool is here to be your digital decoder ring.

You enter your garage dimensions in this user-friendly tool, and voilà! It spits out a personalized estimate for your new door, complete with breakdowns for the roof, ends, and sides. No more cryptic quotes or ballpark figures that leave you wondering if you’re buying a door or a spaceship.

And it doesn’t just throw random numbers at you. It uses the Unit Cost Method, a transparent system that breaks down costs into bite-sized pieces. This means you see exactly where your money is going, fostering trust and setting realistic expectations.

But the benefits go beyond mere numbers. Knowing the approximate cost empowers you to make informed decisions. Compare different door materials, insulation options, and even local contractors, all with the confidence of knowing your budget. No more feeling pressured into decisions you can’t afford.

Bonus Tip: Use the calculator to compare quotes from different contractors. This way, you can ensure you’re getting the best value for your money!